Saturday, 22 March 2008


am i so interested in buying polaroids?? im currently bidding on this one..a simple but classic camera...

and i cant help but be drawn to this barbie number!marcus thinks im crazy, but this is coming from the guy who was looking at spending £500 on a comic encased in plastic.

considering this is easter weekend, the weather here is a little odd.....freezing gales and snow! easter last year was blistering heat. id quite like it in the middle actaully!

and now to some new buys. first a cute dress (also available in a lighter blue with birds on...def a payday buy!)

and also a pants/socks combination, chosen purely for the patterns!those socks have parrots on!!
unfortunately thats all the interestingness going on here as im working tonight through to tuesday morning.

oh i have just bought the polaroid bampop stamp from red velvet art. check it here, only a $1 shipping!

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