Wednesday, 30 April 2008

a winner!

yay my 'its diet?' layout of tom won the challenge on 'a true friend'. the prize...some tags from elles! yay!

Monday, 28 April 2008

scrap session

so i decided today would be a scrapping day, and i managed 3 cjs that had been lurking and 2 layouts..the first is for a challenge blog 'say it in scrap'
and my second layout is for the pet blog 'a true friend'

Saturday, 26 April 2008


  • got my qtea babushka kit today. OMG its amazing! i was oooing and aaahing as i rummaged through it.

  • had a very long walk in very non walking shoes! now i have very ouch feet.

  • had a candyfloss sugarfest and marcus indulged in a lemon cupcake

    • got mario kart finally for the wii and have been playing people around the world.
    • Thursday, 24 April 2008

      the word gets around..

      had a flickr mail today from one of my contacts, Runa, to say that she had used ( with my permission) 3 of my shots on the save polaroid japan site. they're included in the photo wall and the 'my story' bit (scroll down).

      another roid week shot

      Tuesday, 22 April 2008

      a beautiful day

      • finally some sun! top temperature of 17c, i walked to asda in a tshirt and have even been sat outside reading. heaven.

      • bought this print

      • some polaroids for 'roid week 2008

      this one isnt very clear but under the bridge there's an old pink bike, looking very sorry for itself

      this is a view where i live.

      Friday, 18 April 2008


      so firstly, another 'me' pic. this time sporting a rather dashing black and white polka dot headband

      i got my tags from shabby chic crafts yesterday. i went for the doodled journal tags. now i just need some more photos so i can use them!

      yesterday marcus was having more colour work put into his sleeve (full arm tattoo) so i went along to get bits on my feet touched up. luckily they havent swollen up this time!

      also yesterday i got the camera for the travelling polaroid project. you basically take a photo, sign the camera and send it on, keeping the photo and scanning it into the group.

      found some more disney paris photos

      Wednesday, 16 April 2008

      scrap goodness

      check out the autumn add on QTea cute! and limited to only 24 so get one while its hot

      Monday, 14 April 2008

      polaorid stash update.

      i am now up to a measly 8x600 double packs, which gives me 160 shots. Asda have stopped selling them and now Boots have cottoned on that they were selling them cheap. grr
      may 3rd is free comic book day. so check out this link for a list of the available comics and reserve yours!

      Sunday, 13 April 2008

      the bedroom

      at jodie's request, here it is, the bedroom with the one green wall!
      it's a lot brighter IRL!

      did anyone join in the Elle's Studio blog party?? due to time difference i could do much checking out of it, but this morning i followed a link to this place, shop kawaii . so much cute stuff! i can feel a purchase!

      some flickr faves:

      1. happy-makin' treats on acid, 2. enter the dragon, 3. now where did I put the gold paint?, 4. pray hard, 5. lego cupcakes!, 6. rainbow and cupcake cupcakes, 7. Valencia St., 8. just when i thought the coast was clear... nostalgia found me again!, 9. scrapmojo challenge "subject:wtf was my mum thinking", 10. yummy breakfast, 11. ninguins stamp set, 12. we "like, totally" <3 the 80s..., 13. hellobot & bonjourbot, 14. yum, 15. HEART felt, 16. rainbow

      Saturday, 12 April 2008


      ..the bedroom. finally.

      had cause to wear my sunnies today. worn with beret, i think i looked pretty funky!

      Tuesday, 8 April 2008

      polaroid stop motion

      ..on you tube.

      now i decided a while ago that i wouldnt buy conventional scrapping kits as a lot of the bits were left unused. i have made an exception this month..scrapping angels have pink paislee office lingo for their kit and the value is brilliant.

      Monday, 7 April 2008

      kittyrobot kits

      got my kittyrobot kits today and here are a couple of LOs using them..


      1. Ayeshas birthday card, 2. painty love, 3. Doris Salcedo "Crack", 4. bebes, 5. peek a boo!, 6. Laura*jack, 7. IMG_0189, 8. DQ-HoundstoothMonster, 9. i wish..., 10. Untitled, 11. Mixed Media Original Monster Painting, 12. Ceramic Sanders, 13. angels_twins, 14. so far!, 15. Polatower, 16. a spring day

      took a cool photo of some heart shaped lichen today..

      and decided to have a play with it on picnik...

      Saturday, 5 April 2008


      its been a good day today.

      last night i got a phone call to ask if i wanted to take the night as holiday because my patient got sent to the ward. of course i said yes!

      i got my bampop polaroid stamp from red velvet kit club today, as well as some new love,elsie and cardstock.

      we had lunch at pizza hut for my neice's 4th birthday. we bought her some barbie outfits which she seemed very happy more naked barbies!

      my 'she's famous now' LO won layout of the month on shabby chic crafts!

      check out the kittyrobot blog. jodie has added some DT stuff, my 'she's famous now' LO being on there as it used a button and a rainbow made by her fair hands

      Tuesday, 1 April 2008

      squeezy in da cheezy

      tom has taken to sleeping in this giant cheese...i havent a clue how he fits in

      if you were lucky enough to get the april qtea kit then congratulations! it looks fab

      here are a couple of LOs i did at a crop last night...

      heres a link for some april 1st fun. (available for 6 more days)

      and the postman has just turned up with the new sassafrass lass papers i ordered yesterday!