Monday, 20 October 2014

Getting Quirky

I finally managed to sit down with my Quirky Kit Lite this week. As well as this card and layout there's another layout I haven't photographed.

Little pumpkin

I recently started a new crochet project from a recent issue of Inside Crochet. It's a dress for E designed by Frank and Olive.  The pattern called for Rico Creative Cotton Aran, which I happened to have a selection if. I decided on two oranges and to do a stripey top...but it was only after starting that I realised I may have ended up dressing E like a pumpkin!

Friday, 10 October 2014

Home at last

Darwin is home. We have discovered he has small, abnormally shaped kidneys so his condition is long term and we have to manage him with special food. We don't have a life expectancy for him but until them, we'll enjoy him.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Poorly kitty

This week I had to take our cat into vet hospital,  as his kidneys weren't working properly. He's been on a drip for 36 hours now and his bloods are slowly returning to normal. But we really miss him! Even though he's a pain there's something missing right now.
Hoping he can come home soon.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Ikat Mini Review

This weekend i decided the time was right to take my bargain beauty out for a ride. I needed to take a smart bag which unfortunately didnt have the space for my full pocket planner, so I moved, briefly, into my compact.

I liked the fact that my phone fitted into the pocket..that was a good point.

I didnt like that the card pockets are SERIOUSLY deep. So deep infact, that i found a card belonging to the previous owner, hidden at the bottom!

Novelty pens are a no no. I have never owned a zipped planner before, so i dont know if this is normal, but the zip does not like the fun bits. No. 

Being a compact, the rings are very small. I had barely enough room for notepaper, let alone diary pages.

I do really like my darling bargain Ikat. But she's only for special occasions. Maybe a bit of notepaper and not a lot else.

So sorry pretty lady, Im still after that special personal.

Monday, 6 October 2014

doing the double

i picked up my most recent quirky kit lite and a few holiday snaps and decided they were worthy of a double spread ! i havent done one of these in a long time so this was fun. I had to try to remember how to make the layout flow across the pages but i loved seeing double spreads with differing background papers. In order that they 'matched', i used identical background papers across both pages, and clustered elements on opposite corners. I also had a rummage through my box of bits, and with exception of a PL card and a couple of cut outs from Hobbycraft, all the elements come from various quirky kits.

Friday, 3 October 2014


Just a few photos from our mini break. Filled with fudge, ice cream, walks and beaches.

Do I need another....?

Ok, so some kind person on a Filofax Facebook group pointed out that Daytimer uk were having a sale on their Malibu planner, so like a good planner addict, I had a look. Silly me. Now I need to add a personal Daytimer to my growing collection...but what colour? Coral or lime green? Decisions decisions.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

The Current Planner Family

Until recently, I was very happy with my small pocket family. Then I started thinking 'things are getting a little squashed in here...i need to upsize'. So i looked around for a pretty personal sized planner. I really want, eventually, an electric blue Finsbury, and adore the Rio (obv not in mini), but also had my eye on the Temperley Ikat. So I watched and waited, until on ebay, i spotted this lady for £1!! Bargain!!

But now im also thinking that my pocket is too big for my bag and maybe i need a mini too....