Monday, 31 March 2008

im famous

well sort of. i was looking through a scrapbooking mag in Borders and found this photo as part of an article promoting a shop. i'd gone there for an all day crop with a class from shimelle laine. shimelle was taking photos but i didnt expect them to be published! dont i look like im concentrating hard!

Thursday, 27 March 2008


  • so im a bit more chilled today, thank goodness!!

  • yesterday i had to sit round my dad's waiting for a fridge/freezer to be delivered. i was so exausted from my nights that i crashed out for 45 minutes of dream free sleep. bliss. when the delivery did finally turn up, they ended up damaging the new vinyl floor. my dad was not happy!!

  • i picked my polaroid sun600 up from the post office so i need to have a play to figure out the lighten/darken slide.

  • back to work tomorrow for 3 days.

  • this weeks flickr faves:

1. the Dozens march kit!, 2. scrap and the city, 3. yummy1, 4. lots of gator, 5., 6. Untitled, 7. aye*matey, 8. OLW-FIND, 9. roid23, 10. Pink Jolly Roger Cupcake embellishment SOLD, 11. Spidey Party, 12. a tree, 13. bye rose, 14. the lamp again, 15. Good Morning Sunshine, 16. eep!

  • and a polaroid from today:
    here's the sneak for the new qtea kit, reveal tomorrow

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

oh for...

..a holiday. *sigh* and i mean a proper 'get on a plane, visit foreign climes' holiday.

as i was driving in to work last night i suddenly realised, ive been feeling sick and getting headaches and feeling tired whenever i work. now im no expert, but this is possibly sounding like stress. 'how can she be stressed, she only works 3 day weeks!' i hear you cry! each shift is 12 hours, add to that an hour drive either side and i do 14 hour days, 3 in a row. recently we've had LOADS of really poorly children...the sort that dont leave how you hope. and i know thats my job but it's hard. i recently looked after a girl, who doctors could think of no reason why she wouldnt go home; i went back in on friday night and she'd died that morning; and it really shook me.

me and marcus are having niggly arguments. we never do anthing on our days off cause one or other of us is short of cash. yesterday for his breakfast, he ate the food i was taking for my night. it really made me angry!


here are a couple of pics. first my small polaroid stash...

and here's tom doing what he does best..sitting on our laps whilst on the computer..

Saturday, 22 March 2008

i won..

the sun600 polaroid. for 99p! now that is a bargain.

also check out the polaroid travelling camera group on flickr. take a picture, sign the camera, post it on.


am i so interested in buying polaroids?? im currently bidding on this one..a simple but classic camera...

and i cant help but be drawn to this barbie number!marcus thinks im crazy, but this is coming from the guy who was looking at spending £500 on a comic encased in plastic.

considering this is easter weekend, the weather here is a little odd.....freezing gales and snow! easter last year was blistering heat. id quite like it in the middle actaully!

and now to some new buys. first a cute dress (also available in a lighter blue with birds on...def a payday buy!)

and also a pants/socks combination, chosen purely for the patterns!those socks have parrots on!!
unfortunately thats all the interestingness going on here as im working tonight through to tuesday morning.

oh i have just bought the polaroid bampop stamp from red velvet art. check it here, only a $1 shipping!

Thursday, 20 March 2008

new kit!

theres new kittyrobot kits up on their etsy! go check em out! first is the main 'owl deer' kit..

then there's a Hello Kitty add on! totally cute.
the main kit is $10 and the add on $8.
now for some flickr faves...

1. blue corvette., 2. sanfran, 3. ye'old typewriter, 4. silence, 5. tattoo art gala at the sidebar, 6. 72/366 *true*, 7. Photo 259, 8. Music...makes the people come together!!, 9. Untitled, 10. petals, 11. watchin birds, 12. oh-kanzakura 1, 13. calder-esque, 14. Toy Giants, 15. Amy*Jack, 16. All Dressed Up - SoML March Kit

im just about to take Tom for his monthly weigh in at the vets. fingers crossed he's lost weight!!


ok so somehow Tom has put on a few grammes...

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

the outside world

Tom is now venturing outside..briefly. he would still rather stay indoors but is fairly happy to get a few minutes of fresh air!

now we've booked our wedding, i keep having ideas!! marcus is worrying we wont be
able to afford it though..any affodable suggestions?? something chilled and fun.

Sunday, 16 March 2008


video of the last polaroid instant plant.

Saturday, 15 March 2008

set a date

we've set a date for our wedding! september 5th 2009. plenty of time to save! :-D

i was supposed to go to a crop today but have had such a horrendous headache the past couple of days that there was no point. plus im still suffering dizziness and even had to take my sickness tablets today. but i did have to stop in at the crop to drop a cj off (driven by marcus) and one of the ladies there does head massages for a living; guess what i had! an amazing free head massage. it really helped ease the headache.

but its not just headaches. im always tired at the moment and have no desire to do anything. i just cant be bothered. and i dont like it.

Thursday, 13 March 2008


so yeah i have developed a teeny tiny obsession with the now doomed polaroid instant camera. in particular, i now spend ages on flickr groups looking at pictures, and on ebay looking at old cameras. i love the idea of getting an sx-70; according to those in the know, this is the camera to own. unsaleable sells a variety of models, including this gorgeous (unfortunately out of stock) white version; seriously its beautiful. they also do loads of different films, and the obsessed in me just wants to play! i found this camera on ebay with a fab orange cover:

also some flickr faves

1. Final Map, 2. Noël Noël, 3. img190_08, 4. lost somewhere in palmetto, 5. 3 1/2, 6. more owlie tags!, 7. im still jenny from the block..., 8. housebook, 9. Strawberry mania!, 10. Memento mori, 11. paper stars 2, 12. books, 13. new house - kitchen, 14. green1, 15. we all scream!, 16. hearts

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

see this

*still feeling dizzy..its never lasted 3 days before. i just keep taking the anti-sickness tablets and hope it stops.

*was kept awake last night by the wind howling and the cat being unsettled, and so walking all over us all night.

*my family got talking about us getting married...again. i swear it's the favourite topic of conversation in my dad's house. now they're all adamant that we're going to do it when we're in Florida and my step sister is planning a hogroast and a party for when we get back! the idea of going away to do it has always been one that appeals to us as neither of us want a fuss, but it would be nice if WE made that decision.


heres a 6x12 using the march qtea kit. the picture is of me and some family friends as 4(ish) year olds.

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

mini shoot

heres a couple of polaroids from a mini photo shoot i did today. not the most successful due to weather but i managed to get a couple of good shots.
this is a picture of the old street signs, almost hidden due to the 'walkabout' pub sign.

and this is a view between the rows of railway workers cottages. one of the only interesting bits of history here is that swindon was a base for the Great Western Railway. the cottages are still lived in and the old works are now home to a shopping designer village

also, has anyone ever played with Piknik? its a free photo editing software and gives you cool results like this:



Monday, 10 March 2008

yuk day

  • am spending today (mostly) in bed as ive had another attack of the dizziness. yuk.
  • outside is horrendous, torrential rain and wind up to 70mph!
  • got my qtea kit today, folded in half by the postie, despite the 'do not bend' sticker. luckily nothing was damaged.
  • yesterday i bought a 2 pack of polaroid 600 film from asda for the bargainous price of £16. thats a whole £5 cheaper than normal!
  • if you havent already done so, check out the save polaroid site and join the flickr group.
  • i havent scrapped or done anything creative for a while. i miss it but just cant do it at the moment.

Thursday, 6 March 2008


1. our home, 2. dicey, 3. what did YOU do for lunch?, 4. More Hazmapos on Polaroid, 5. Truck_01, 6. superbot to the rescue!, 7. in the city, 8. de quessé, 9. lots of superbots, 10. gocco: finished!, 11. so many bunnies!, 12. first, 13. Thursday 2pm, 14. love birds set of 5, 15. expect nothing, 16. makes up for such short goodbyes


*still not a lot going on here. it is at this point i realise my life is boring. officially. all i do is work or do housework. creativity is at an all time low, despite ideas galore.

*just bought these two sets of tags from this etsy seller. v cute!

*tom has taken to playing early in the morning. the trouble is, our place is 4 rooms so wherever he decides to play, we hear it everywhere else! and he's getting earlier. it started at 520 which wasnt too bad as i get up for work at 530, but this morning it was 430! i got up and wandered bleary eyed into the kitchen to feed him and hopefully shut him up, but when i saw the time that was it! straight back to bed and he had to wait! he needs to get over his fear of going outside!

*here's a layout i did recently..they're getting rarer! using bampop, thickers and elements of various qtea kits

Saturday, 1 March 2008

scaredy cat!

another attempt at taking Tom least this time we were sat in the porch for 5 minutes before he decided to run upstairs!

marcus had some more bits done to his arm yesterday, so when i got back from work this morning the house smelt of fresh tattoo! yummy!!

i love the colouring of the angels, just a shame they left marks on the bedding!

also been semi inspired by this post by emily falconbridge. i like the idea of making a quilt using different scraps of fabric. i have bits from various qtea kits, as well as bits ive picked up on my travels and i thought it might be interesting to put them together and see what i get!