Thursday, 31 January 2008


so i went to the doctors this morning about my shakiness and he's sending me for blood tests. fun. then i went to a car place to sort out my radio which wasnt tuning...turned out id pressed a button or something and all the guy did was press the same one and now it works. boy did i feel a fool! then this afternoon i cut out pattern pieces for a teddy bear and did this LO

its a bit of an odd one and im not 100 % sold on it but im sure it will grow. notelet, 'cute' tile and hamster strip from jan's qtea kit. also used pealescent acrylic paint and tiny heart stickers.

this bbc article made me chuckle. its about care homes using nintendo wiis to help people with dementia! brill!

Wednesday, 30 January 2008


yup. had a spend. bought zelda for the wii, some skinny jeans, shoe boots and a belt from new look and some undies and a sailor style vest from primark. oh and my prescription. so on top of the £40 spent on stash yesterday, thats a lot of money gone in 2 days! oh well. worth it!!!

just found this ace knitting/crochet project on purl bee

very tempting!

also want this print by the blackapple. i think its really cute.

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

new cha

paper jam studio have some threads showing new CHA stuff. have a peek!

cute maya road chipboard houses! american crafts making metallic thickers and albums covered in cord and this beautiful paper!!

oh and ive added the envelope from jodie's RAK mail to my abc mini book

poor me

just been to the docs with my poorliness and turns out i have something called Labyrinthitis and have been signed off work for a week with anti sickness meds. great. and i have to go back thurs to find out why im so shaky at the moment.


yes woot! our internet works! it was very random, it just started to work again.

yesterday i got some lovely surprise RAK mail from jodie :) it was a bigger piece of the monkey fabric from january's qtea kit and some cool little stickies. it really made my day, thanks jodie!!

last night was supposed to be my third night at work, but i ended up coming home after 3 hours as i was unwell...i still feel rotten now, shaky and sick feeling.

Sunday, 27 January 2008


quick update; i have no internet and havent since tuesday. we dont know why it stopped working and dont know how to get it back! so im at work doing a sneaky!

Monday, 21 January 2008


the qtea sneaks are up, one for the feb kit

and one for the summer add on. i think i may have to get both!
(photos from qtea blog)

just taken Tom to the vets. claws are clipped, flea stuff bought and apparently he's overweight. oh dear. diet food it is!! but i was also told he DOES have some oriental in him, which in my books makes him one posh boy!

and now my sewing machine has broken...the motor is whirring but the needle isnt moving. great. in the middle of a pocket as well!!

Saturday, 19 January 2008

first, a pic from yesterday's dress session. so far, the bodice is almost done, pockets are ready and all other bits ready to put together.

not much happening today. got some chocolate fudge from an old fashioned sweet shop; dont you just love all the jars!!

also used my sewing machine for the first time today! yay! this was using fabric, lace and buttons from a qtea kit and was originally going to be a cover for a cheap photo album i have. but i got my measurements wrong and it's ended up being a pouch. but im pleased with it anyway!

Friday, 18 January 2008

woot me!

im a qtea guest designer for october! yay me! im so chuffed! miss jodie got july so congrats to her too.

im gong over to my aunts in a bit for the Great Dressmaking Session, so hopefully later will have some cool piccies.

Tom is going to the vets monday to get his claws clipped, thank goodness!

and thats about it here! a bit boring so far, but then it is only 948am!

here's another LO i managed yesterday using bampop, my new tape, jodie's buttons and some trim from the latest QTea kit

Thursday, 17 January 2008


here's my 'abc' book as mentioned yesterday. really pleased with this one. used love, elsie for the cover with some of my new tape, and a crochet cherry from a previous qtea kit.

here's a couple more piccies of tom, settling in nicely

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

a few buys

just a few things ive bought today. the dress was from a shop in Oxford called Echoo and the stickers and picture tape (stars, flowers and hearts) are from Accessorize

the index cards will be for a project courtesy of ali edwards and her new book, page 44 if anyone is interested. its basically an a-z of things in your life such as things you do and things you like. i really struggled to find 'buff' index cards. they all seem to be in bright colours.

by doing the 'follow the blog link' thing we all do, i found this paper adventure 2008 run by elise . looks very cool.

Monday, 14 January 2008

another day..

tom appears to be settling in nicely. last night he slept on the bed and didnt get up until 5am...and he was snoring. a cat that snores eh. who'd have thought. he's spent most of today under the bed though, but it is only his second full day here.

im currently very bored. i had all my fun this morning, and by fun i mean a dentist appointment and picking up the new ali edwards book, life artist, from the post office. i love her books. so much inspiration in those pages.

currently looking on the joanns site, in preparation for our trip to florida in may (making a shopping list really!). seen some funky fabric, including this
and this

Saturday, 12 January 2008

welcome tom!

here's our new (blurry) happy family. he came straight out of his carrier when we got him home and came straight to our laps. he's had a sniff around and has now settled on marcus's lap in front of the tv! i think he's settling in nicely! marcus got a bit emotional about it all!

also today, got my qtea kit and boy is it cute! the fabric with the monkeys! the japanese notelets! the hello kitty sticker thing! and of course, jodie's rainbow :)

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

itching for..something

so at the moment i have what i can only describe as 'an itch' .

i want to go places but im not sure where. i dont want to stay here for the rest of my life, i want to see the world, live it, experience it. i feel like im drifting at the moment, just going where life takes me; i dont want that! i want to move abroad, but dont know how. i want to go to canada, australia, mexico, india, china, japan....but will never be able to afford to. i want to eat out in fancy restaurants, have weekends away just because.

i want to make things but dont know what. i want to sew, to paint, to bake but have no motivation and no faith in myself.

i want me and marcus to get married but dont know what i want to do.

im having lots of 'in the future...' moments, but i want them to be 'now' moments.

Monday, 7 January 2008

earth to mojo

i think im receiving you! its been at least a month since i scrapped through choice (i dont count forced scrapping i.e. circle journals,of which ive persuaded myself reluctantly to do 3 separate entries!) and ive done a 12x12 for the first time in ages, and a card for my mum's bday tomorrow.

prompty 6

nothing planned for my two days off, apart from getting my illegally worn tyres changed today and finding a birthday pressie for my mum.
not feeling so shaky today, although i think its viral and is going to lead to something...probably a cold!!

365 day 6

'Hold out your hands to feel the luxury of the sunbeams.'

Helen Keller

Our hands tell us alot about the person we are, our occupations, age and life.
What do your hands say about you. Take note

my fingers are long and delicate, a sign i break easily
my palms are long and broad, a sign i can be strong
my hands are dry, a sign they are used to work
my hands are smooth, a sign i care for them well

Saturday, 5 January 2008


ok here's an extra post as jodie tagged me. i dont normally do these but i'll make an exception!!
The rules of the game:
• Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself on your blog, we all want to know them.
.Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.
•Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog

  1. i have played hockey for my school, university and air cadet wing
  2. i have a scar on my back that looks like the Anarchy 'A'
  3. my left hip clicks. lots.
  4. i have Raynaouds Phenomenon
  5. i am part Polish and part Gypsy
  6. the only sqash i drink is Robinsons sugar free apple and blackcurrant!
  7. i like cutting people's toenails!
ok now ive weirded you out, i tag sandie, mary .. erm im stuck on the rest...will have a think!!

a sickness day

im supposed to be at work today but got home last night feeling dizzy, shaky, light headed and sick. decided it probably wouldnt be a good idea to do a 12 hour day today! still feel shaky though, i wonder what it is..

365 day 4

'normal day, let me be aware of the treasure you are' MaryJean Irion

my work day routine:

wake at 530am. wash, dress, eat and leave the house by 615
arrive at work at 715 to start at 730
work through til 8pm, having hopefully had 2 half hour breaks at some point.
home by 9pm, if the traffic allows
bed by 10pm.

365 day 5

'i am beautiful, no matter what they say' Christina Aguilera

how do you feel about the person you are??

i am happy with myself and know how lucky i am. i have a home, a family and a man who loves me for who i am. there are things i would change about myself but in the grand scheme they are unimportant.
i love my job, the experiences i get from it, the people i meet, but would love to take it elsewhere; abroad maybe.
i wish i was more spontaneous and adventurous. i want to see the world.

Thursday, 3 January 2008

poor flower

my little sisters lizard, Flower, died yesterday. she made it through her operation but because she'd already started to pass the bark, it had ripped some of her insides. tasha and ben were on their way to see her but she died just before they got there :(

365 days

for today anna used the quote from ali edwards blog 'Life is too short and too amazing to spend time worring about imperfection'
Grab your camera and click, dont worry about the imperfections! Use todays quote for both your photo and journalling prompt.

following on from the 'life is too short' part, i finally bought myself a sewing machine and also decided to try bread making, both things i had been putting off for ages!

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

got one!

we found a cat :) his name's Tom and he's 4 years old. we have to think it over for 24 hours then ring the centre tomorrow to confirm our reservation (sounds like booking a hotel!)

then we hit ikea, where i got this fab fabric, 3 yards/ metres for £4! bargain! im going to use it with the dress pattern i got a while ago. if that doesnt work.....tons of cushion covers!

Tuesday, 1 January 2008


firstly, happy new year to everyone :) i hope you all had a good time. i have to say, mine wasnt the most exciting of New Years. it involved lots of playing on the Wii and trying to follow the fiasco that is my stepsister's relationship (she was working in a pub but said she'd only be a couple of house, this was 6pm. by1030 she still wasnt home and her boyfriend said if she wasnt back by 11 he'd be gone. 11 came and went...and so did he. ).

second, my sister's water dragon, Flower, wasnt fitting. turns out she swallowed some bark and as they cant digest it, she was trying to be sick to clear it. she didnt manage to get rid of it so she's booked in for an operation tomorrow. unfortunately there's a high chance she wont make it, as they're so small they cant afford to lose much blood. but its better to give her a chance.

as for Summer and her clutch of eggs, there's a big chance all of them could be fertile!! so in february, tasha and ben might be hearing the pitter patter of up to 80 little feet!

oh and tomorrow me and marcus are going to a pet rescue place to look for a cat :)

qtea kits are putting out a call for DT members!

ive decided to try and have a go at anna's 365 day challenge. lets see if i keep up!! the aim for today was to write a list of goals for the year. mine are:
1. try to be more girly
2. do something to further my career
3. make our house more homely
4. keep up with the scrapbooking!
5. do more 'me' things
6. try and have a 'couple' meal once a month
7. sort out our spare room!

not very amazing aims, but you've got to start somewhere!