Friday, 26 April 2013

flickr faves

so i lieu of a decent blog post, i have cobbled together another flickr faves post. some of these are quite old as i dont go on flickr much anymore, but i thought id share anyway.

1. 004, 2. Zinnia is still looking for a home..., 3. Ms Pamplemousse, 4. Rag Bag Designs The Fiesta Collection, 5. This mornings' helper, 6. Nataliae & Scott, 7. Soon ☺, 8. Hawaiian Outfit Set, 9. Nekogatsu Zukin, 10. Crocheting - work in progress, 11. Granny bag ta-dah!, 12. Kawaii Sushi Outfit, 13. Two peas in a pod n__n, 14. A few my JJ customs, 15. Frankie Says Relax, 16. Playing in the snow

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

the first pair of real shoes

here's my first LO with the latest quirky kit lite from crafty templates. at first i wasnt sure i would be able to use this kit as the Teresa Collins flowery paper kepy blowing my mind, but i bit the bullet and used the reverse side...problem solved!! i added the pink ribbon, doily tag, button (kittyrobot) and the large alphas. the envelope under the photo holds the card from the shoe shop with Ella's shoe size on .

Monday, 15 April 2013

Losing the love

I don't know what to do. I'm really struggling to find my roller derby love right now. I think the fact I can only practice once a week so I'm not as confident as everyone else doesn't help. Because of this, I KNOW I won't be good enough to play in games, which leads me to think 'why bother'. I can't do PAYG sessions anymore, so dropping in isn't an option, but having paid out for skates, I don't want to just drop it. I'm tired all the time so come 8pm I'd rather be in bed than sweating it out on track.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013


My poor baby is ill! Since Saturday she's had the dreaded Norovirus, and we spent yesterday at the hospital as she had barely drunk in 24 hours. I thought she was improving today, but after 2 huge vomits I had to resort to force feeding her water with a syringe. It's horrible seeing her so sleepy as normally she doesn't sit still. I hope she improves tomorrow or we'll be taking her back to the hospital.