Thursday, 6 March 2008


*still not a lot going on here. it is at this point i realise my life is boring. officially. all i do is work or do housework. creativity is at an all time low, despite ideas galore.

*just bought these two sets of tags from this etsy seller. v cute!

*tom has taken to playing early in the morning. the trouble is, our place is 4 rooms so wherever he decides to play, we hear it everywhere else! and he's getting earlier. it started at 520 which wasnt too bad as i get up for work at 530, but this morning it was 430! i got up and wandered bleary eyed into the kitchen to feed him and hopefully shut him up, but when i saw the time that was it! straight back to bed and he had to wait! he needs to get over his fear of going outside!

*here's a layout i did recently..they're getting rarer! using bampop, thickers and elements of various qtea kits

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