Monday, 30 June 2008


threw this LO together for a challengette on the shabby chic blog. create a layout or mini about the random things around you. my pics are of the glow in the dark rubber duck on my bedside table, the 1970s yoda on the dvd cabinet, the plectrums by the pc, and my little figure collection on the bookshelf. im not entirely convinced by this layout and im not sure why..

have just upgraded my phone to this fancy number. its a sony ericsson c902 and i should get it delivered tomorrow 'between 8 and 6'. i hope its earlier rather than later!

Sunday, 29 June 2008

flickr faves

so here's a few of my flickr faves..notice the wedding theme at the bottom :)

1. My Pez® Collection, 2. Pez 5, 3. hurrah, 4. beer cap collection, 5. aloha., 6. hawaii : craft tools, 7. floreciendo, 8. Urban textural study #4, 9. on the beach, 10. I Covet Thee, 11. Lilac Blossoms - Aug. 18, 07, 12. Lovely Ladies!, 13. 0260, 14. entering the place with my dad and kristal, 15. Cake, 16. Sugar & Spice

speaking of wedding, today was supposed to be the day when i went to try on the dress i wanted for my wedding. unfortunately, the shop i chose was in the process of closing it's bridal section so all dresses were in the sale, which meant the one i liked had gone. there's still a chance that if i ring another store i'll find it, so thats my next route. i did try a few others on, one of which had a beautiful skirt with embroidered roses..i have tried to find a picture but as it was in the sale, im having no luck!

Friday, 27 June 2008

craft love

a couple of layouts.. the first was for a prompt on the gutter girlz blog:

using bampop, love,elsie and shabby chic tags. oh and some tights!

and the second uses a photo of sweets taken in america..
using more love,elsie, kittyrobot buttons, jenni bowlin letters and an elle's tag.

carrying on with the sweets theme..

just because.

ive not long got back following sitting in a garage for 3 hours whilst my car has a service. i also have the dentist and hygienist and an eye test this month. i didnt plan that very well.

Thursday, 26 June 2008


if you've ever watched 'my name is earl' then you will understand karma...well, you'd understand it if you had a basicgrasp of buddism too, but failing that, 'my name is earl'. i think i experienced good karma the other day. i got an itunes voucher for my birthday and bought 2 albums - arcade fire and portishead. when i went on itunes the next day, the money for the portishead album had been put back on, even though i was invoiced for it. that money is still there. nice huh.

received a supply of kittyrobot buttons today:

i got bright glassed, woodgrain and vintage inspired. cant wait to use them!

got marcus to do a mini photo shoot of me in my beautiful new dress..

on sunday im going with my mum and sister to bristol to look for a wedding dress :) ive seen one i realllllllly like so fingers crossed!

we do have one worry here though. its remortgage time, and being as house prices have fallen recently, there's a chance we're in negative equity. if this is the case, the amount we need for our mortgage would actually be more than the 90% the lender we have chosen is willing to lend us. so we're keeping our fingers crossed we get our chosen mortgage, otherwise we have to stick where we are which is £200 a month more than we currently pay and the rate is a tracker so could go up and up.

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Saturday, 21 June 2008

fake baking (pic heavy)

fake because i used ready made gingerbread dough. only because gingerbread takes sooo long to make..well, it does when i do it.

and here's a cute photo of my boys i want to share..

new kittyrobot kit is up, called chinatown wonderland. check it out here .

the american crafts blog is still showing CHA sneaks. the moda bella range looks fab,

as does this from the romance range..

Friday, 20 June 2008


that i have finished nights for now.

it was pretty scary though; we have a new lady who is supposed to be a senior nurse who doesnt seem to have a clue about pretty important NEVER leaving a ventilated patient unattended to wander off to the other side of the room (in case they move and dislodge their breathing tube for sarters), NEVER flush adrenaline down a line as the tiniest amount can have a massive effect on blood pressure. pretty big things you're told on day 1 in ITU. scary scary.

on a brighter note, igot my dvd of amelie today.

check out the american crafts blog for new CHA sneaks ...
moda bella..


and travel..

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

im so ick.

  • not unwell, just gross. im working nights starting tonight and cant be bothered to get dressed as im going back to bed just after 2. so it's lunchtime and im still in my pjs. classy.
  • looking at chipboard by riff raff designs but cant decide what to get! too much choice.

Monday, 16 June 2008


a thank you card i made...

and a layout cutting squares from my birthday cards

also been on the hunt for shoes to match my new dress. finding navy or green shoes is really hard! i found these in blue by irregular choice, but they look really hard to walk in!

july sneak

take a peek at the July Qtea kit sneak. looks good enough to eat! as usual, Danielle has limited quantities to contact her quick if you want one!!

Saturday, 14 June 2008


i have just watched Trooping the Colour on tv and i have to say, it makes me proud to be British. for anyone who doesnt know, TtC is a military display to celebrate the Queen's official birthday. the 'colour' is a battalion's flag and was originally 'trooped' or displayed, so that members of that battalion would recognise it. the flag was also used as a meeting point.

watching it always makes me feel emotional and gives me goosebumps! it's so colourful and impressive, especially the 21 gun salute and the end, and when the crowd moves in front of Buckingham Palace to see the Queen.

supposedly some organisation like the UN or something like that want a referendum as to whether we should get rid of the monarchy. no way i say. be proud!

in other news, Save Polaroid tshirts are available here to buy.


popped into town with my mum on another wedding cake hunt (they're so expensive!!!) and 'had' to go into a craft shop, where i bought a trimmer, some sticky roll and this bargainous alpha stamp set for £1.18!!

then of course i had to go into Primark, everyone's favourite bargain, but probably not very ethical, clothes shop, where i found this dress. technically i dont need anymore dresses, but this 'swooshed' when i turned and made me feel pretty. £15!
those eagle eyed Sex and the City girls will have spotted it's likeness to this number...

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

some creativity

yesterday in the (brief) sunshine, i sat outside and read Ali Edwards Life Artist and got inspired. so here's 2 layouts i did using a couple of Disney photos...

i also had another crazy lie in til 11 today and felt like i needed to stay in bed longer. goodness knows what i'll be like tomorrow when im on days and get up at 530!

Tuesday, 10 June 2008


woke up at 10:45! i feel so naughty! like a teenager again. im blaming late onset jetlag, made worse by night shifts. but it was proper deep sleep, which was a miracle considering how sticky it was last night.

check out new american crafts glitter letter stickers in 3 different fonts.

also, i love how inspiring this photo by elise blaha is, espcially as i need to start a florida album at some point.

on another note, the birds have finally left our loft. hooray!!! this sad little eggshell greeted me friday morning. so now i have to contact the pest control people to get them to fill up the holes and make our loft unappealing for them next year. if we're here next year (so so desperate to move).

Friday, 6 June 2008


i dont want to go to work tonight. i slept really well and dont feel jetlagged...just tired. at least i have the opportunity for more sleep today. poor marcus was up at 7 (and making so much noise i had to put in ear plugs and my eye mask on).

it was nice to go to bed with Tom around again. i tend to go to sleep on my side and his favourite thing is actually balancing on my side and going to sleep with me. bless.

now if any of you have any funds left after bills have gone out, check out the june kittyrobot kit. its totally fab, called 'i dont wanna grow up' and available here for $10 plus max $5 shipping.

Thursday, 5 June 2008

i return.

so as the title suggests, i came home today. very tired. exausted in fact, but refusing to go to sleep in order to get back that normal body clock. ha!

id like to share a few photos for those who are interested:

here's a couple shot, at universal studios..

this is the Dudley Doright Ripsaw ride. The. Best. Water Ride. amazing. you get soooo wet!!
for 12 hours, i was princess stephanie, and everyone said Happy Birthday to me, and i got given a carrot cake and a sprinkles and chocolate dipped marshmallow thing. for free. because of the magic badge.

marcus bought tshirts from the children's sections in the Vans shop and in Walmart (totally cool batman lego t).

me, fighting with a ginourmous candy apple, covered in caramel, chocolate and patriotic sprinkles. safe to say, i only managed half of it.

monster dragonfly. literally 3 inches long.

we also saw the shuttle Discovery take of 40 miles away in Cape Canaveral, ate far too many Subways and Dennys, bought our wedding rings for bargain prices, saw Iron Man and Indiana Jones at the cinema, tried Taco Bell, marcus shared a changing room with a cockroach which hissed at him, saw some amazing lightening storms....and tonnes more. i bought loads of clothes, loads of sweets for other people, some converse, scrapping stuff and DVDs and had a panic attack on a ride that wasnt even really scary and luckily had a doctor sat next to me stopping me from passing out!! phew.