Sunday, 18 September 2016

Confessions of a Plannerholic: Autumn set up

Originally my post was going to be ong the lines of ' I don't like changing my planner or set up once the year has started' but that made me sound a bit odd. I had had some pages from a home catalogue hanging around for a while, so last night, with both girls down for bed uncharacteristically early, I got my laminator out and made new dividers. I love how decadent they look!
The baby animal bookmarks were a prize from my pretty week and look adorable!
So it's not a massive change in set up, I'm still in the same organiser, but it's a big change for me!

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Friday, 9 September 2016

Big girl!!

Today was madam's first day at school! I say day, but they like to ease them in so really it was two hours.
She was so excited. Her 'session' didn't start until 1pm, but from 630 this morning she was asking to go (that enthusiasm won't last).
As they all do, Ella looked adorable and too grown up in her uniform, complete with large blue bruise on her forehead from a fall yesterday. We walked into her class and she was straight off to the painting with barely a glance in my direction!
Afterwards, we went and had Costa as a 'first day' treat.

They grow so quickly!!