Wednesday, 12 March 2008

see this

*still feeling dizzy..its never lasted 3 days before. i just keep taking the anti-sickness tablets and hope it stops.

*was kept awake last night by the wind howling and the cat being unsettled, and so walking all over us all night.

*my family got talking about us getting married...again. i swear it's the favourite topic of conversation in my dad's house. now they're all adamant that we're going to do it when we're in Florida and my step sister is planning a hogroast and a party for when we get back! the idea of going away to do it has always been one that appeals to us as neither of us want a fuss, but it would be nice if WE made that decision.


heres a 6x12 using the march qtea kit. the picture is of me and some family friends as 4(ish) year olds.

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Mika said...

Hope you feel better right now. Love the owl prints. Mika (