Wednesday, 27 February 2008

good gig

yup it was a good 'un! we had to park the car half a mile away on a main road because parking in oxford is non existant! the first support act i really despise, called Sonic Boom Six. i really dont know how they're doing so well, they're awful. Streetlight manifesto played a 45 minute set, amazing as always. i was a little upset that they didnt play the 'point/counterpoint'-'keasby nights' mix which is brilliant. not many people were singing so i got the impression they were there because it was an over 14s gig.

reel big fish were amazing as always! i was singing to all the songs, dancing away and generally enjoying myself. now i cant wait to see them again!!
and here's a little something i spotted on the way back to the car...

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

I <3 my polaroid

normally with something as expensive as polaroid film, i would be too scared to use it. but i have decided to just go with the flow, especially as the future of the films is still unknown. i intend to buy at least 2 films a month and just shoot them, trying out different development techniques (such as putting the picture in the freezer). seeing as i get paid at midnight, i think i might take my camera out for a walk where i live and see what happens with the remaining 6 photos.

Tonight i go to see Reel Big Fish and Streetlight Manifesto and i cant wait! this'll be the 8th time for RBF and 2nd for streetlight.

does anyone else suffer severe lack of creativity? i was supposed to go to a crop last night but just couldnt be bothered. i cant be bothered to get my paper out, my sewing machine out or even contemplate the knitting needles. my dress remains half finished in the wardrobe. hopefully something will happen to fix this!!

Friday, 22 February 2008

new stuff

had a bit of a burst of inspiration today and managed 3 new LOs. one 12x12, one 8.5x11 and my first 6x12. the polaroid in the 6x12 is of my little collection of idols; buddha, a cupid and my tryptych with angels on.

watched an ace programme last night called The Big Bang Theory. Geek comedy! its great! its got the blonde actress from 8 Simple Rules.

took Tom outside on a cat harness and he was not impressed. kept trying to run back inside or hide under my car. oh well. have to keep trying!!

Thursday, 21 February 2008

mojo and diets

  • had my blood test done today for the shaking and should get the results in a week to 10 days.

  • took Tom to the vets for his weigh in and he put on weight! so now he's on a prescription diet food and has a weight chart. see how bothered he is by it all?

  • i have no scrap mojo. i just cant do it. i need a spring clean and a restock and hopefully i'll want to play again. here's a LO i did a couple of weeks ago:

  • one good thing, next tuesday i see Reel Big Fish and Streetlight Manifesto :)
  • and i bought myself a polaroid camera, so have to be snap happy to make the most of the films whilst they last. i intend to stock up when we go to florida in 3 month. also hoping another company takes up the contract to make the films. there's a petition that can be found by following the link on the 'save polaroid film' blog here to get fuji to make the 600 films for polaroids.

Sunday, 17 February 2008


today my 'grrr' is aimed at those annoying comments that are links to businesses and viruses. what the hell are you doing? why do you think comment spam is a good way to get business! argh. i wish my blog sent out an electric shock every time...or i was able to delete dodgy comments.

Saturday, 16 February 2008

did you?

i hope you managed to get a Kittyrobot kit guys, cause they're sold out!

talking of kits, just seen this sneak for story of my life kits.

(photo courtesy of story kits)
how ace does it look! is that kawaii i see?

abc update

in a previous post i mentioned my 'abc of me' project, lifted from ALi Edwards' new book. i thought it about time i updated about its contents, which are already too big for the book rings. not all letters have something at the moment.
c: photo of my car and a starbucks coffee holder
e: menu card from a soup and pretzel bar i eat at, customs label for my order to every jot and tittle
j: jodie's address
m: photo of marcus, menu for a milkshake bar
p: photo of our fave pub
r: envelope from jodie's RAK mail
s: subway flyer
v: business card for Tom's vet

some pretty boring things but ive been slak in filling it!!

went out yesterday for a leaving lunch for someone at work and gave her the teddy i'd made...and walked out with requests to do custom orders and asked if i'd go along to a brownie pack and do a show session! so ive decided im giving up my job to make teddy bears! haha maybe not

just read this about polaroid stopping making instant films. dont do it! i havent bought mine yet!!

Friday, 15 February 2008

its up

the kittyrobot kit reveal is up and looking good! check out those goodies!

6X12 Vintage wallpaper
15x30cm Japanese fabric
3 strawberry shortcake playing cards
3 docket book note papers
1 roll of double sided tape
1 packet of kawaii stickers
3 colored vintage pins
1 vintage book page from "little women" (pages vary, each has a picture and words as shown)
5 vintage plastic game pieces.

KITS ARE $10.00

Australian postage $1.00
Rest of the world $4.80

to get your kit email withe the title "kittyrobot kit"

loving the piggy fabric! congrats jodie and ayesha, its brill!

whilst browsing etsy i found this seller and her wonderful pendants. and reasonably priced too!

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

ch-ch-check it out!

my lovely bloggy scrap friend jodie has started a new kit club to showcase her sculpey buttons, available on etsy, and the star she is has asked me to be on the design team for it :) go check out the blog for the reveal in the next couple of days (image from jodie's blog).

last night shift tonight....a little annoyed at being awake at 2 in the afternoon but the builders are laying the foundations for the gardens behind us, which invloves lots on ground thumping. im going to try and get another hour's sleep in a bit...wish me luck!

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

tattoos and medicine

found this article on the bbc. basically saying tattooing is a good way of administering vaccines because of the immune response it creates.

this company, fire and ice designs, are having a RAK on their blog for one of their new sheer albums. i like this one with the star tab.

Sunday, 10 February 2008


i totally missed 100 yay im on 102!!!!!!

did a bit of scrapping yesterday, managed 3 layouts including this one using the qtea add on gnome kit, which was perfect for the photo!
last night when we went to bed, tom was actually in his basket! the first time he's used his cat bed. although he obviously felt he was missing something because at 5 i woke up with him sprawled on my feet. bless.

working 3 nights starting tonight, so my life will pretty much be on hold until i see daytims...speaking of daytime, its still gorgeous outside! chilly but beautiful. roll on summer!

just received these labels from every jot and tittle . love em

also check out new sassafrass lass lines here. oh my god i love the robots!!

a change of scenery

so i decided that i didnt like the buttons that were originally on this dress. they were fabric covered and had no 'oomph'. so i cut them off and replaced them with these

i think they look cute!

also for your viewing delight is dear tom doing what cats do best, sleeping.

ive just updated my ipod for the first time since we got the internet back, and it isnt letting me sync the songs ive bought. so no imogen heap, no arcade fire and no suburban lgegends. if anyone else has this problem and has solved it, pleased tell me how!

Friday, 8 February 2008


2 layouts at my crop and my two qtea kits turned up!


love this post by ali edwards resulting in this collage (pic from ali's blog). simply stunning.
love tom and the warmth he's brought to our house, making it a home
love the fact we're finally having sun! such beautiful days!
love this girl's layouts
and love marcus :) of course xx

Thursday, 7 February 2008

its back

yup the dizziness. i was supposed to go back to work today, but woke up after having disorientating dreams, to find the dizziness had returned. i felt awful phoning in sick again as i had actually been looking forward to going back!! i dont want to feel like this anymore! the doctor said every time i get a cough or cold, i could get this again, so ive decided to take echinachea to boost my immune system. as well as my anti sickness tablets *rolls eyes*. got i feel awful.

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

damn birds!

we have birds in our loft. how annoying!! they're really loud!! grrrr go and nest in a tree!

on a lighter note, i saw sweeney todd last night. it was amazing! my dad wasnt sure, and my sister's boyfriend said there was too much singing (well it was a musical), but me and marcus loved it. it was really sad at the end. if you dont mind singing and blood, id def recommend it!

and now, because it's so damn nice outside, here's a photo of our small abode...
the left hand window is actually a false one, there to make it look good! we only have the middle and right, and the garage next to the front door.

and our 'garden'

little project

first, check out these plasters/bandages i got. unicorns! also picked up some ribbons from paperchase.

second, i turned my photo album from my jan qtea kit into an inspiration album, with the help of a sewing machine, some felt and some cherry fabric.

paper play and pancakes!

Happy Shrove Tuesday! or pancake day to everyone else!

just made a couple if layouts, as you do! love the way the london one turned out, really simple and effective with just deco tape as a background and some star stickers, thickers, dymo and a heidi swapp notelet. the gig night layout used bampop, a qtea kit notelet and some stickers i had in my RAK mail from jodie.

wore the evil shoes today, as im thinking perseverance will be the key to making them comfy. they still hurt, but not quite as much today

Monday, 4 February 2008


no 1. look at all these easter eggs. in feb!

no 2. my cute outfit! i did wear my shoe boots but after walking round town for 2 hours my feet killed

been out of the house for 6 hours. didnt get my blood tests done as by the time we got to the walk in clinic, the wait was 1hr45 with no guarantee the phlebotomist would be able to see me. so instead we had a massive breakfast at the pub..yummy!

and for some reason, tom keeps freaking out around us. im not sure if its his new collar or he's depressed and wants to go out...

Saturday, 2 February 2008

london baby!

went on a spur of the moment trip to london today with my 6 year old nephew, who was a star! we picked him up from swimming so he was already tired out, but he managed to stay awake til we were 10 minutes away, complaining he was bored! i nearly had a run in with an idiot in his car as he had decided that i needed to move to let an ambulance through, when me moving wouldnt have made any difference to said ambulance actually getting through.

the aim of the trip was the British Museum and it's mummy collection, but first we stopped at pizza hut! charlie was a star in the museum, asking lots of questions, really interested. he decided the areas we looked at and got tired about the same time as us! he was very impressed with his gift shop buys, a mini mummified cat figure and a pen with a floating mummy in. as well as his darth vader he'd bought earlier.

this book was used by the wives of samurai as a type of kimono 'catalogue' and this last picture is charlie against an advert for the terracotta warriors, currently on display at the museum (which we didnt get a chance to see this time).