Wednesday, 31 August 2011

here's the LO from the previous post, but now i have a working camera again (yay) you get a proper picture. i also managed my first one of our new cat.
Speaking of Darwin, he isnt coping well with the whole move thing, especially as we appear to have hit a bit of a stumbling block. He's gone off his food and will only eat is one of us sits next to him and strokes him. He's losing weight and doesnt like being outside too long. poor little man.

another treat for you, ive started a new crochet project. its a biggie, and will take a long time but will look amazing!
the long haul...

Friday, 26 August 2011

rubbish scan...

so i wanted to share a LO i did with some bits from one of my quirky kit lites. but my camera is refusing to turn on so im afraid im leaving you with a rubbish scan...

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

a long time..

gosh its been too long since i last posted..
and i really dont have much to say!!

the move is still progressing. slower than originally thought but we're aiming to finally move september 2nd. lots of annoying questions from various solicitors, and random requests for money but its getting there.

i do have some other news but it really has to wait for now. dont worry, its a goodie.

to satisfy those visual needs, here's some flickr faves.

1. Rainbow Cake!, 2. Sea view, 3. If you go down to the woods today...., 4. For Steph.Kaye!, 5. IMGP0052, 6. 20110703 1829 5272--PENTAX -ist DS 18 mm, 7. Too many colours… ! ;P, 8. Neo Blythe Border Spirit, 9. Heart sweater and crochet edge skirt, 10. Kimber's Mosaic, 11. Love It - Sassafras Lass, 12. BlytheCon Europe, 13. monchhichi, 14. Going to live with Camillaeatfiftyeggs!, 15. Chimong, 16. Miss No-name