Saturday, 15 March 2008

set a date

we've set a date for our wedding! september 5th 2009. plenty of time to save! :-D

i was supposed to go to a crop today but have had such a horrendous headache the past couple of days that there was no point. plus im still suffering dizziness and even had to take my sickness tablets today. but i did have to stop in at the crop to drop a cj off (driven by marcus) and one of the ladies there does head massages for a living; guess what i had! an amazing free head massage. it really helped ease the headache.

but its not just headaches. im always tired at the moment and have no desire to do anything. i just cant be bothered. and i dont like it.

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Corinna said...

Just glad I was able to help Steph!

And many congratulations on finally setting the date for your wedding. Looking forward to hearing about all the plans as they unfold.

Take care & hope you are feeling better.