Friday, 31 October 2008

category stories

the newest prompt on category stories has gone live with a new guest designer. me! the prompt is 'my phone' and heres what i did:

so go check it out!

colour conundrum

last night i got into the granny square thing with the idea being i would make a blanket out of larger squares. so i made mustard and i made purple but now i cant decide if i want to use them together.

finally got my sweet spuds kit yesterday, but im struggling to be inspired by it. managed this layout using a photo from the dolly meet:

Thursday, 30 October 2008

thursday faves

1. A Gnome??, 2. Princess, 3. Having a ball!, 4. fake cakes and cupcakes, 5. Finished Elves ..., 6. happy halloween blue, 7. Sorta Sackboy, 8. this morning, 9. vampop!, 10. Yay. *The Art is Found*, 11. December Daily, 12. Untitled, 13. hello love, 14. green dog bowls, 15. llama, 16. lined up like candy
had a little crafty spending spree yesterday. i want to make stockings for me and marcus so bought some fabric, plus i intend to do little embroidered, stuffed christmas trees as gift tags.

after watching tutorials on youtube, i croched (sp?) my first little granny square. i ran out of yarn which is why its so small, but im going into town today to buy a huge ball for cheaps.

i had to share this photo from the other day. if you look at the left side of the roof, you can see a whole flock of birds. just sitting. chilling.

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

craft inspo

make your own doily shopping bag. tutorial here.

amigurami kitty anyone?


nothing to report here. work work and more work. got a few projects i want to do and now ive been paid i can finally get some bits.

elsie flannigan is running a 6 week online course which can be found here. cost is $60 for approx 30 handmade projects!

ive bought some more film for my new old polaroid. now ive got the shutter working i cant wait to have a go.

wanted to share this photo from a couple of weeks ago when we took my mum out..

Friday, 24 October 2008


1. vampop! custom vinyl, 2. case of boos, 3. Rose Necklaces {made of clay}, 4. Australia Perth Boatshed Swan River Crawley, 5. haunted, 6. My Pop up book!Sassafras DT!, 7. Sunbeam, 8. Untitled, 9. cosmos..., 10. sunset seagulls, 11. Brighton Breeze 2008, 12. A Sea of Pumpkins, 13. ginger-skeletons, 14. Hi!, 15. Assorted cupcakes w flower, 16. Cupcakes w roses

and no sweet spuds kit today. ive slept badly on my nights because ive been expecting the postman to come. but so far, no show. but these fab rub ons are in the november kit!

Tuesday, 21 October 2008


i have 4 birthdays this week so have been on a card frenzy. here's two of them:

still not sign of my sweet spuds kit. the november sneak will be up soon!


so i fiddled with my camera, took batteries out, cleaned contacts etc and sometimes the shutter opens, depending on how i press the release. now i need to get paid so i can buy another film to try. im still not happy that i risk losing shots because of a faulty release..

another set of nights this week starting tonight. also 2 more next week. thats 3 weeks running. daytime???? whats that!?

Monday, 20 October 2008

broken :(

i took my new camera into a repair shop in town and the shutter mechanism is broken and apparently unfixable. ive sent an email to the lady i bought it off but looks like i may need to take it further via ebay.

Sunday, 19 October 2008

check out these two amazing wedding cakes featured on cake wrecks.

how fab! i would love these as a wedding cake. perfect.
another fuji instax shot.

made another pumpkin pie today to take to a family lunch. added cinammon this time and it went down very well. then we all went to the country park where the above photo was taken. i also took my new polaroid but all my photos came out black so im not sure where im going wrong. i dont want to use too many shots figuring it out as they cost so much!

i bought both sets of tags from 2 posts previously. not sure what im going to do yet as they're too cool to use, although they do scream 'mini book'. what of i dont know.

still waiting for my sweet spuds kit. im trying so hard not to buy new stash so i need the goodies in this so i can play!!

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

new toy

this is my pretty new toy. just need films now :) i bought a wekk expired film for £1 to practice but it really was tooooo expired. so now i just need decent film and im away!

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

have a chuckle!

if you want a proper laugh with the possibility of tears, check out cake wrecks. i love it.

say it!

another challenge, another layout. this time its Say it in Scrap challenge 10! the previous two are still open for entries due to low turnout. have a go!!

awesome tags

wow look at these amazing tags. i just had to get them! you can find them here and they are designed by michelle clement.

also check out the most amazing christmas range from sassafras lass. its called Life at the Pole is the most adorable christmas range i think i have ever seen! this first image is stamps!

how cute is that!

Monday, 13 October 2008

if you watch one film..

watch everything is illuminated. absolutely amazing. its based on the novel by jonathan safran foer and truely is fabulous.

how about printing your own stationary from downloadable pdfs? check out littlebrownpen.

Thursday, 9 October 2008


1. New Blythe Release - Toys R Us Limited "Matrioshka Maiden", 2. new want., 3. Gulf Shores, Alabama, 4. Bueller, 5. impressionist cake, 6. Woody 3.2, 7. Woody 3.2 test, 8. A respite, 9. Scale, 10. red velvet art forever!, 11. Dont forget, 12. option one, 13. maya road butterfly sheer album, 14. Halloween Scrapbook, 15. trick mini book, 16. Zipper Week is here!


*preordered a prima dolly violetina for myself for christmas (preorders on HLJ)

*joined a flickr group polaroid postcards.

*sorted out the bridesmaid dress for Marcus's sister.

*took my first pic with my fuji instax

*checked out pics of zac efron at the HSM3 premiere *swoon*
*i was outbid in the final seconds on a polaroid 104 land camera. dang it!

Wednesday, 8 October 2008


my mum loved her surprise last night :) me and my sister took her out for a meal and then on to see a guy called Colin Fry who is a medium with his own tv show. he's fab. even i quite like the guy. no one came through for her but she didnt mind. i was quite tempted to hit someone sat in front of us at one point as she'd got a fit of the giggles which lasted 10 minutes at the most inappropriate time. really annoyed me.

got 2 packs of fuji instant film today so hopefully i'll have a play with those later!!

Tuesday, 7 October 2008


today my sister and i are taking my mum on an evening out surprise.

love fabric by michael miller. if anyone knows of a uk stockist, or overseas with reasonable postage let me know. i love the christmas stuff and it would make fab stockings.

Monday, 6 October 2008


so today i managed two layouts. the first is for the latest category stories challenge..

and the second is for the most recent guttergirlz challenge.


my fuji instax came today and its huge. about 5x7 and 2 deep. just waiting for the films from hong kong and im good to go.

new prima dolly blythes coming out soon. might get me a violet..or violetina as she's called this time around.

although i would love a prima dolly peony. she has candyfloss pink hair. very cute.

Sunday, 5 October 2008

dolly meet

so here's a pic of all the girlies together! we got plenty of strange looks from people sat nearby but who cares! i definitely felt more drawn to the dolls with fantasy/bright hair, so i think if i get another she'll have to have funky hair.

Saturday, 4 October 2008


saw this pretty lady in uban outfitters. she really wanted to come home with me. but im a bit sceptical about paying so much for a plastic camera. but christmas is coming.

dolly meet tomorrow. photos then or monday i hope.

Friday, 3 October 2008

more cameras?

bought this..

watching this..

i love instant cameras.

Thursday, 2 October 2008

sweet spuds october

*look at this sweet spuds amazingness. yum. cant wait.
*i wanted to do the ali edwards week in the life this week, but working kinda mucks that up. you cant take many photos at 5am when its dark. quiet one last night, hope tonight is the same.