Wednesday, 29 September 2010

new ink!

this is my new little lady, on the back of my left calf. For those non dolly people, the thing on the right is a Blythe pull ring.
Today my leg is vey swollen and sore. seems to have bruised a lot this time.

Friday, 24 September 2010

guest story teller contest

if you like category stories, why not try out for our story teller GD contest?!

We’re looking for Guest Story Tellers for December and 2011. Interested?

Send us your layouts (categoryDOTstoriesATymailDOTcom) for the August and September categories (_is my sunshine, embarrassing fact about me) by October 1st. Include your name, e-mail address, short bio, and why you want to be our guest.

We are excited to see what you do! Know someone who would be a great guest? Let them know we’re looking!

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

a book to buy

i want to go all out for healthy soups this year. there are some amazing ones in this book.

Monday, 13 September 2010

step one..

towards Derby:


step 2:

a name. i think i've finally settled on Charlie Sin, which is a play on Harley Quinn, a character in Batman. I changed my mind!! im going with Aurora Gungho, which is another comic based name. can you guess what it is?? is 'xmen' a clue? Storm in Xmen is called Aurora Monroe. my new name is a play on that.

Friday, 10 September 2010

to do, to buy..

lookie what i want to take part in! one of my friends is setting up a local league and im so excited! my name is decided on and i need to buy some skates...which are not cheap. i was going to use blytheconUK profits for a new doll, but might need to change that to a starter pack for roller derby. *squee*

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

so much..

This last week has been truly exausting.
Thursday, 1am, we had a call to say M's grandad had passed away. Being Jewish, we all thought the buriel would be Friday. So thursday morning, i called work to say i wouldnt be in thursday or friday, and we all bundled into a car and drove for 2 hours to see his nanny and sort what needed to be sorted. But noone could decide who would issue the death certificate. Thursday turned into Friday, I went to work (exausted from a long day) and on coming home from work, M told me the funeral was to be Sunday. Our 1st Anniversary.

The funeral was very interested, from a non jewish perspective. It was pretty much all in Hebrew so i couldnt understand it, but it sounded beautiful as Hebrew is almost 'sung'.
We'd all spent 3 hours saturday night making rolls and sandwhiches and by sunday night, it was like the locusts had descended.

Last night, M went to bed at 8pm.

So our first anniversary has been written off, we got 3 cards from family and i got texts from 3 people. Im a little bitter that even my own family didnt appear to remember.

But on a positive note, a friend of mine is looking into setting up a Roller derby League! im so excited! ive been looking at skates online and trying to think of a cool roller girl name..i thought Skank Girl...i love ska music and the Tank Girl comics.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010


omg can you believe it is september already!!

ive just uploaded the next post for category stories so go and check it out. this month we're after 'an embarassing fact about me' (thats you), the prize this month being a $25 gift voucher for kittyrobot!

my LO is all about how i like to cut my husband's toenails! yuk i know but i like to know they're nice and clean.