Tuesday, 24 February 2009

next question!!

its that time again, a new question for 52Q. question 8 is 'what was the last thing that made you laugh out loud?'. on emily's blog she did a flickr group collage and mine was in there! hello ego boost! the last time i laughed out loud was today when Tom ran away from the bedsheet i was folding. such a wuss puss.

i went to the cinema yesterday and watched the secret of moonacre. it was a nice film :) tim curry has put on so much weight since Home Alone 2!

i ordered the Juno soundtrack. i know, its taken me a while!!

had a book splurge. i was determined to try something different and bought Sense and Sensibility, Alice in Wonderland, Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde, Wizard of Oz. im just finishing Song for Summer by Eva Ibbotson. am also nearly done with the Walking Dead graphic novels.

ah and its shrove tuesday!! dont forget the pankcakes!!

Saturday, 21 February 2009

birthday trip

for marcus's birthday, i bought us tickets for the london eye. it was a lovely sunny day so we didnt mind the 45mins queue time!! we had mexican for lunch, and were back home by 6! at the mo, we're just getting ready to go out with friends for chinese buffet. mmmmmmm!

Tuesday, 17 February 2009


questions 6 ..

and question 7.


we at category stories have decided to go back to 2 categories each month! the new category carries on with the (yuk) valentine theme and is 'date night'. so come and play with us!!

Sunday, 15 February 2009


i want this print. you personalise it with your own initials, in a choice of 8 colours. listed here. first seen on sweet jessie.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

how to..

found a recipe on martha stewart for these gorgeous sweet treats. see here.

favourites time!

1. Peony, 2. red felt triple heart love note pocket, 3. Crappy Valentines button badges, 4. { remember }, 5. cold, 6. Hello., 7. Q1, 8. Vous avez vu ce que je suis allée récupérer chez l'imprimeur??! :D, 9. Untitled, 10. pretty buttons, 11. German Edition of Graveyard Book, 12. Ride The Waves, 13. Wk 3 A, 14. OTP Money tree, 15. Final Design to February Blythe Runway Challenge, 16. 52Q: week5


*head on over to mara-may's blog for a link to the tutorial on how to make these beautiful flowers.

*we still havent had any post..thats nearly 2 weeks. the postmen are refusing to come out as they say its still dangerously icy. if only the rest of us could do that!!

* i was due to start 4 nights last night, but got a call to ask if i wanted the night off as it was so quiet! someone up there likes me!
*check out these yummy new buttons from kittyrobot. head on over to their etsy to see more gorgeously inspiring yummies.

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Friday, 6 February 2009


*a layout using pencil lines sketch 120. not sure about it as it feels too plain for me..i overexposed the photo..its a snowman, honest.

*this is my go at 52Q question 5. see the flickr group for more inspiration.

*braved the crazy snow to go to the cinema and see 'hes just not that into you'. i nearly fell asleep. i thought it was too long and too slow to start. i should have seen 'the secret of moonacre' instead!

*saw this on post secret. i love it. guerilla mix cds!

and it continues

*its still snowing. now in a country such as canada which is fully prepared, im sure a foot of snow is fine. but not here. my local council, and indeed most in the country, is out of gritting salt, so buses are not running. this meant that marcus had to walk the 4 miles into work today. our ikea delivery is not coming. there is a foot of snow around my car and we need bread and milk; i hope the shops have had a delivery at some point.

*on a different note, dont forget to check out the latest prompt on category stories, this month sponsored by tallyscrapper!! our winner will receive a $25 gift voucher! what a prize eh? And secondly, if you who enter the category and also upload your creation to the new Tallyscrapper.com gallery (thread HERE) - every creation loaded there will be entered in for a RAK draw to win a prize, being the AMAZING Tallyscrapper February Kit

Scrapbooking Supplies

Thursday, 5 February 2009

the wardrobe expands..

my unexpected day off was spent making this fancy little number using fabric from Ikea.

more snow!

we had 5 inches of the white stuff last night, so ive had to call my study day and say i cant come in! the roads arent being gritted because the grit has run out!

good time for crafting maybe..

Monday, 2 February 2009


its still snowing. we cancelled our appointment with the vicar as the roads are verging on the side of dangerous. when i left the house to go shopping earlier my brakes didnt work and i slid out of my street onto the main road - luckily there wasnt any traffic. its going to get really cold tonight so it'll turn to ice, which means my drive to work at 6am will be risky to say the least.

just got back from the cinema where i watched Nick and Norah's Playlist. a nice easy to watch film. with a fab soundtrack.

another snow day

apparently over the next couple of days, thanks to the weather coming over from Russia, we will have the heaviest snowfall in 18 years. yay snow, but ive just been off work sick this weekend, i cant not go in tomorrow!! this was the view out of our bedroom after an hour. on the bbc site there are photos of london having come to a standstill. this country doesnt cope well with inclement weather of any sort.

here's a cute little turtle i crocheted using this pattern.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

february's story

the new category stories challenge is up. check it out. 'what i love about...'