Thursday, 13 March 2008


so yeah i have developed a teeny tiny obsession with the now doomed polaroid instant camera. in particular, i now spend ages on flickr groups looking at pictures, and on ebay looking at old cameras. i love the idea of getting an sx-70; according to those in the know, this is the camera to own. unsaleable sells a variety of models, including this gorgeous (unfortunately out of stock) white version; seriously its beautiful. they also do loads of different films, and the obsessed in me just wants to play! i found this camera on ebay with a fab orange cover:

also some flickr faves

1. Final Map, 2. Noël Noël, 3. img190_08, 4. lost somewhere in palmetto, 5. 3 1/2, 6. more owlie tags!, 7. im still jenny from the block..., 8. housebook, 9. Strawberry mania!, 10. Memento mori, 11. paper stars 2, 12. books, 13. new house - kitchen, 14. green1, 15. we all scream!, 16. hearts

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