Thursday, 27 September 2007

a handmade thank you

i went into work on tuesday after 13 days off and this handpainted mug was waiting for me. it's a thank you from a family who's baby i looked after. its a lot more thoughtful than chocolates!

on monday i went to my local scrapaholics crop where our kit was rusty pickle. i managed 2 1/2 LOs, see if you can guess the theme!!!

The first is from Anam's inked scrapbookers blog where she wanted people to scrap their first tattoos. mine were my stars, which i got spur of the moment because the ear stretching i got wasnt satifying enough!!

and this one is using the kit papers and is my new feet tattoos :) the idea coming from the blog category stories, to scrap your fave body part.

i had an email from the reptile sanctuary guy yesterday, saying he's just waiting for a tank and then he can have Zeus :( ive said it before, it would be selfish to keep him for us, but i really will miss him. he's still not happy but i think its too cold for him at the moment, even with heating on. poor thing.

Sunday, 23 September 2007

great pic

the scrapping frenzy blog set a challenge to show a photo you've taken, taking into consideration different rules of photography. this photo was taken in may in Kos, and is the old synagogue. i love the way the star of david frames the door and leads you in. hope you like it too ladies!

picked up my prints from the framers yesterday and they're now hanging over our bed. very nice.

Friday, 21 September 2007

i'll have that, and that...and that

ok so here are 2 albums i just have to get:
Arcade Fire....Intervention is a beatiful song!


30 seconds to mars..

i know it's kiddy but i dont care. although i am stuck after an hour as i dont know how to give the podium to the mayor....if anyone knows, please tell me!!

and the postie didnt bring my Terry Pratchett book or my photos. never mind. i pick up my etsy pics from the framers tomorrow! also just found this shop in etsy odkins

Thursday, 20 September 2007

twiddling thumbs!

well im not actually, because that would insinuate that im not enjoying my 12 days off. which i am. so much so i think i could become a housewife or a lady who lunches! easy!

ive been pretty creative this week. i posted my ATC swap, did 2 CJ entries, 2 art journal entries for the 'this is me' blog and a 12x12 and a 8.5x11 LO. phew! not bad going. and today i ordered loads of photos of Zeus for a minibook i want to do, and some of my new tattoos off snapfish for the scrapaholics crop on monday.

This LO i did for the scrapping frenzy blog. the prompt was 'magic' and i focused on the 'magic moments' when me, my mum and my sister are actually able to spend time together. paper was scenic route with some cool sparkly rik rak stuff i got from hobbycraft!

This piccie is of the art journal LO i did today. ive gone for small but perfectly formed with this, and used one of the muji books i got in london.

seeing as its crazy photo day, look at this beauty..oooooooooo. if you dont recognise this then i feel very sorry for you! its the new ipod nano!!

hmm what else can i share?? i know! im currently waiting for this new book from terry pratchett, called 'making money'. according to, it was posted yesterday. cant wait!!

also found this cool site, tokyo jazz panda, through the blog 'print pattern'. its a cool graphic design blog with links to loads of funky sites.

phew. i think im all spent! im going to have to go and eat my other cinammon danish. mmmmmmmmmmm

Monday, 17 September 2007

scrap a little sunshine

i dont know how many of you have heard of the project 'scrap a little sunshine' but its a fab idea. basically people make minibooks for children in hospital to use as a way of distracting themselves from whatever they're going through. the site gives you ideas for minibooks and templates for making them, or you can make your own. have a look!!

now for an update on the feet...i can walk on them again! yay!

also today i finished a patchwork bag i made out of 2 old t shirts...not bad for a first attempt!

AND i emailed a possible wedding venue, wellington barn near calne.

on a down note, me and marcus have decided we can no longer look after our chameleon Zeus. we absolutely love him but feel we're not doing something right as he doesn't seem happy and think it would be selfish to keep him. we've contacted a sanctuary near Reading and they are happy to take him when they get some space. it will be very sad to see him go but we've persevered for 12 months.

Friday, 14 September 2007

pretty feet!

lookie at my pretty feet! it took 2 hours to do both, the outlines stung like buggery and it stings to hell now, but its so pretty! the guy doing it said even he couldnt have got them both done together, so i got some cred points! the writing says 'dare to dream' the idea of which came from the Marah Johnson paper range 'lovestruck'.

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

12 Days Off!

thats right i now have 12 wonderful days off! oh what to do with myself...

friday night me and marcus went into town on a spur of the moment and ended up having a brill night! it was relatively warm, there were loads of people i knew out and we sat in a pub garden til 1am just chilling! it was fab!

on UKS ive signed myself up for and ATC tryptych swap! i was so motivated ive done them already and they're not due til oct! i even made a little pouch for the ones i'll get back. and i started an art journal using the prompts from this is me, the blog. ive only done the first one so ive got a long way to go to catch up!

got my etsy fabric to think what to use it for. it will be something patchwork, either cushion or bag....or i get some more and make a quilt. hmmm. dilemma.

later.... just had fun and games with zeus..we were force feeding him grapes and i pulled a bit too hard on his beard and i think ive hurt him! it really upset me!

Friday, 7 September 2007

chibi dolls

whilst browsing blogs (as you do when you're bored) i came across a couple of things that made me go 'ooooo'. and now i will share :-D

First is this one : 1000 squares in 2007. basically it's someone who intends to make 1000 inchies ( 1x1" mini pieces of art). if you scroll down to look at the collage its amazing!

then i managed to find this shop/blog 'one red robin'. it's a woman in australia who makes the most amazing dolls! they truly are works of art! i wish i could make fact, this may have inspired me to have a go at something new, especially as im waiting on my etsy fabric!

we're still persevering with the syringe watering of zeus. today was day 4 and although he now doesnt trust me anymore, he seems much perkier. no joy on the eating front as yet but the vet seemed happy with current progress.

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

cool fabrics!

so for some reason i have an urge to do some quilting. i am not sure why as i have never done it before!! i went to good old etsy to search and found some amazing fabrics! really cool japanese stuff. i ordered two apple fabrics from sonatine and also found this cool seller too. fabric heaven!

we are still 'force watering' zeus...well trying to anyway. last night was horrible, he was thrashing around and gagging on the tube. one plus point though, today he has eaten 6 wax worms! our boy is getting better! and his shedding is better. phew.

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

animal antics

we had to take zeus to the vets on friday; the poor boy was sleepy and had gone right off his food. it was like he knew where he was going..normally he's desperate to come out and sit on the windowsill, but friday we had to physically pick him up to get him out. Then he didnt want to stay in the box and kept hissing as we drove to the vets. Turns out he was very dehydrated and we now have to hold him down, open his mouth and pass a tube attached to a syringe into his stomach to give him water. he brought it on himself!!!

and i got some cool new specs today! purple half rims with a slights 50s hornrim to them. yay me!