Tuesday, 25 March 2008

oh for...

..a holiday. *sigh* and i mean a proper 'get on a plane, visit foreign climes' holiday.

as i was driving in to work last night i suddenly realised, ive been feeling sick and getting headaches and feeling tired whenever i work. now im no expert, but this is possibly sounding like stress. 'how can she be stressed, she only works 3 day weeks!' i hear you cry! each shift is 12 hours, add to that an hour drive either side and i do 14 hour days, 3 in a row. recently we've had LOADS of really poorly children...the sort that dont leave how you hope. and i know thats my job but it's hard. i recently looked after a girl, who doctors could think of no reason why she wouldnt go home; i went back in on friday night and she'd died that morning; and it really shook me.

me and marcus are having niggly arguments. we never do anthing on our days off cause one or other of us is short of cash. yesterday for his breakfast, he ate the food i was taking for my night. it really made me angry!


here are a couple of pics. first my small polaroid stash...

and here's tom doing what he does best..sitting on our laps whilst on the computer..

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