Thursday, 20 March 2008

new kit!

theres new kittyrobot kits up on their etsy! go check em out! first is the main 'owl deer' kit..

then there's a Hello Kitty add on! totally cute.
the main kit is $10 and the add on $8.
now for some flickr faves...

1. blue corvette., 2. sanfran, 3. ye'old typewriter, 4. silence, 5. tattoo art gala at the sidebar, 6. 72/366 *true*, 7. Photo 259, 8. Music...makes the people come together!!, 9. Untitled, 10. petals, 11. watchin birds, 12. oh-kanzakura 1, 13. calder-esque, 14. Toy Giants, 15. Amy*Jack, 16. All Dressed Up - SoML March Kit

im just about to take Tom for his monthly weigh in at the vets. fingers crossed he's lost weight!!


ok so somehow Tom has put on a few grammes...

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