Thursday, 30 August 2007


ok so i've been playing this morning and have come up with two 8.5 x 11 single LOs. i really love this size! the first is based on a prompt from the blog 'a true friend, a priceless treasure'.
The picture isnt very clear but it's of Zeus, our chameleon. i didnt think i needed any journalling as the title says it all!!

another one ive done is this:

The piccies are of Marcus's last tattoo session, using chipboard from poundland and paper from my LRSC kit. a nice simple one :)

our Dyson got delivered today! it was a very exciting exciting in fact that i got it out of the box right away and did the whole house. it was disgusting!! i didnt realise there was that much dirt. ick.

wow my life is exciting...

Monday, 27 August 2007

this LO is using the LRSC kit, i thought i would share it as an update.

went to see my granddad today in his nursing home..he has dementia you see. today he didnt know who me and my sister were. luckily all it took was a bit of a reminder and he was ok..i dont want to get like that. its awful.

priced up a 14 night trip to orlando....between £800 and £1000 each.. its a lot of money but it would be amazing and so much fun!!

yesterday i bought myself a couple of new pairs of glasses! one pair are half rims, slightly 50s hornrimmed but a pinky purple colour, the other are Roxy black and white sunnies. i pick them up a week tomorrow and i cant wait!

Monday, 20 August 2007

new stash!

so i had a knock at the door this morning from the postie with 2 boxes of goodies for me! my scrapping angels kit (pic 1) and my LRSC kit (piccie 2). gorgeous on both counts, so many LOs to be done!!

Sunday, 19 August 2007

london calling

yeah me and marcus went to little old london yesterday to go to the british museum. theres some amazing stuff there, the mummies being the most famous and the busiest exhibit. we preferred the japan rooms, very calming!! apparently samurai women had 'catalogues' for their robes! they had magazines which showed fashionable designs for robe backs and emroidered accordingly.

the two photos are of us posing in the museum. im fed up of being the photographer and having no proof that i am even present. until this trip.

being in london meant obviously shopping but i found nothing!! it was crazy! id seen a gorgeous tartan dress in a magazine from urban outfitters, but they didnt have it. topshop do a range of accessories called 'made' which are made by a village in africa; apparently they do a lovely little saddle bag..which i couldnt see. all i ended up getting were 2 4x7" sketchbooks from muji in selfridges for £2 each. cant wait to use them.

also waiting for my kit from the Little Red Scrapbook co.

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Spoilt Zeus

firstly id like to share a LO i did based on the blog 'a true friend a priceless treasure'. the theme of the prompt was 'spoilt', the idea being to show how you're pet is spoilt. the journalling basically talks about how he doesnt eat what he's supposed to or how he's supposed to. for a wild animal he's very lazy!!

next is my attempt at pencil lines 45, a sketch by nisa fiin. now i like it but feel it needs something else. any comments and suggestions greatly appreciated! (its the one at the top, i dont know why they dont load in the order i want them to!!)

lastly i start another run of nights tonight. *sigh* so many other things i would rather be doing, namely not much!! but not much with marcus of course. had a big laugh on sunday watching him trying to change a king size duvet cover...i had tears!

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

etsy love

just found this gorgeous shop on etsy selling prints. there's so much amazing stuff on this site! you can buy some really individual gifts..good site for christmas!

Tuesday, 7 August 2007


got the new Hellogoodbye album yesterday. its fab! very 80s :) also got my American Crafts 8.5 x 11 album which is gorgeous! i love scrapping this size..once ive filled my 12" album i think i might switch permanently to the smaller size; its much easier.

im getting a new tattoo! it will be spread across the front of both my feet and i will U/L a piccie once its done.

Friday, 3 August 2007

give blood...

so i did it today.
i gave blood.
how hard can it be??
i have tiny veins, slow flowing blood, felt faint and have a huuge bruise.
piece of cake.

Wednesday, 1 August 2007


firstly, here's a LO i did using the Scrapping Angels july kit.

secondly, ive been having issues with my other half. it's my sister's 21st birthday in november and the plan is for a load of us to go to Disney Paris. but now marcus doesnt think he can afford it so rather than having a nice weekend away together with rides thrown in, im having to share a room with my stepsisters and my nephew. i dont mind the sharing but i would rather marcus was there with me. we didnt go camping with my family in newquay as he didnt think he could afford it..where is his money going??? its so annoying! and we're going to the dogs (dog racing) tonight with his work....i do things for him!!

to make myself feel better, ive ordered a kit from the little red scrapbook company and am going to get myself the 'hellogoodbye' album. and eat chocolate.