Thursday, 27 March 2008


  • so im a bit more chilled today, thank goodness!!

  • yesterday i had to sit round my dad's waiting for a fridge/freezer to be delivered. i was so exausted from my nights that i crashed out for 45 minutes of dream free sleep. bliss. when the delivery did finally turn up, they ended up damaging the new vinyl floor. my dad was not happy!!

  • i picked my polaroid sun600 up from the post office so i need to have a play to figure out the lighten/darken slide.

  • back to work tomorrow for 3 days.

  • this weeks flickr faves:

1. the Dozens march kit!, 2. scrap and the city, 3. yummy1, 4. lots of gator, 5., 6. Untitled, 7. aye*matey, 8. OLW-FIND, 9. roid23, 10. Pink Jolly Roger Cupcake embellishment SOLD, 11. Spidey Party, 12. a tree, 13. bye rose, 14. the lamp again, 15. Good Morning Sunshine, 16. eep!

  • and a polaroid from today:
    here's the sneak for the new qtea kit, reveal tomorrow

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