Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Monday, 29 September 2008

new elsie kits.

if any of you liked elsie flannigan's previous journal kits, check out her etsy for 2 new ones. at £25 inc shipping to the uk they're a mite pricey but very cool.

check this out

today i spent around 2 hours sitting in borders flicking through craft books and found this fab magazine, craftzine.com. totally fab. but as its a US import quarterly, it cost £10 per issue! but i had a good read through the 2 issues there. the online blog has loads of articles and things to try. i particularly love this one on plastic bag crafts. i saw a fab article in it about crochet copies of designer handbags and fell in love with a Chanel one.

seriously. check this out.

Ive also been looking at amigurumi on etsy as id love to have a go. this seller, saplanet, has kits with all you need to make a cute creature. amy gaines also sells really cute patterns.

Friday, 26 September 2008


i few layouts i managed today. first is with september's sweet spuds kit..

this little matchbook is covered using my GDT qtea kit..

sweet spuds sneaky

yup the sneaky peak is up for october. love the sassafrass chipboard. what with

the amazing RAK from below, im going to have more products than i can shake a stick at!


look what i won! this RAK from ronda palazzari.


Thursday, 25 September 2008


*the oxfam boxes a couple of posts ago were rejected because they were supposed to be black, not blue. my sister's company also offered them 50% off but they still said no. charity begins at home i guess!

*had a very unsuccessful attempt at trying to get tom to the vets today. he was all starved for blood tests, was miowing until i got out of bed and when i did he vanished under the bed. my attempts at retrieving him were met with hissing!

*have a new ignition on my car. fingers crossed it will start ALL THE TIME and not when it feels like it.

*got my october qtea kit for my GDT spot. love love love it. if you fancy being the guest designer for the spring add on, check out the blog by saturday the 27th september!!

Sunday, 21 September 2008

yesterday i ..

went to leicster to see my friend Sade. ate£ 41 of yo! sushi between two of us. bought some cool orange flowered fabric for £2 a metre

i have been majorly outbid on the camera i was watching, and also a second, better model. i have my eye on one with 4 days left so have put a reasonably high bid on.

Friday, 19 September 2008


*im bidding on a polaroid EE100 folding camera on ebay.
later: argh outbid..so i bumped the price up lots! hahaaa

flickr pics (grr at blanks):

1. Kiss Me :::GD Sweet Spuds:::, 2. Bike Basket, 3. Robot scarf, 4. What now... mini art quilt, 5. Buick, 6. Fall :::GD Sweet Spuds:::, 7. Fairy King, 8. Ozzy the Owl, 9. Comment devenir fin sans de venir FOU !?, 10. fancy pants, 11. Recipe*Cards, 12. , 13. cherry tree quilt finished., 14. summer dream sky, 15. i*love*gocco, 16. Tuf - The Dozens Kit Club

*QTea sneak:

what i did on my holidays..

or at least yesterday!

seeing as it was (for once) a gorgeous day, me and marcus went on a bike ride to a local park. this park is newly created and already has loads of birds and things living there like mr heron..

..and mr moorhen.. yesterday evening we went over my dads to help my sister fold 1500 oxfam donation boxes! and they had to be folded and stuck just so or oxfam would reject them. so much for charity!

and then this morning we took tom to the vets to be weighed and he still hasnt lost any weight, so next week im taking him to see the vet and maybe have a blood test to see if there's a reason why he hasnt. he wont be happy though as its a fasting test. that'll be fun at 6:30 in the morning!

Thursday, 18 September 2008


i did this LO for scrapjacked and guttergirlz using september's sweet spuds kit. how fab is that rose moka paper!

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

new kit club

found this club, kenner road, through aniia's blog. love the antique look to it. they still have the main kit available, $34 plus shipping.

also for more antique lovelies, check out ruby st designs, based in australia. you can find collections like this yumminess:

today i..

*have a cold, which i caught from Marcus.

*am sending out 'save the date' cards for our wedding to the more unreliable family members.

*noticed a 3rd baby tomato on my plant (which due to its weight and the fact its in a window, is growing at a very precarious angle now..).

*have NO plans!

*am still waiting for debbiem's address. if i dont hear from you by sunday i'll send the stamps to the enxt person.

Monday, 15 September 2008


had a very productive saturday, managed 6 layouts!
the stamped image on this is a design by angie delarie

the last one is for a challenge on inspired by amelie.

yesterday i was supposed to be going to a psychic fair and a 'wartime weekend' at a local steam railway station but neither happened for various reasons.

and debbiem, i still need your address for the stamp RAk

right, must take my car for its MOT!

Wednesday, 10 September 2008


check out the etsy shop from mara-may. love her 'trims n things'.

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

SIIS challenge 7

for say it in scrap challenge 7. its a bit on the dark side for some reason..

first faves for september

1. for ev err, 2. one year down, 3. My Joy, 4. Favs. *The Art is Found*, 5. knitwear, 6. cherry tree fabric quilt top, 7. whee, 8. Side Facing Chips - Keep, 9. Bow Wow Trad - NOT MY PIC, 10. Untitled, 11. You Fear, 12. sunflower love, 13. I want to *September Scrap for a Cure Kit*, 14. love hina anime cupcakes, 15. Charlie + Lola, 16. "Boo" Pink Paislee 'Vintage Moon' Card

got my qtea kit today. lots of cuteness in this one which im saving for an all day crop on saturday.
finally, i won one of these little matchbooks from shabbychic crafts! yay me! check out their new tags coming soon.

Monday, 8 September 2008

here she is!

my girl Frankie

one tomato, two tomato..

*my little tomato plant has 2 little fruits on it!!

*i got my tracking number for my Bow Wow Trad doll and she's taken all of 3 days to get from japan to my local sorting office. hopefully she'll be here today or tomorrow.

*does anyone use Adsense? im thinking of earning a few extra pennies somehow and this seems the easiest way. what is people's experience of it??

*check out danielle thompson's blog. she's designed a line of digi elements that are big enough to be printed out for paper scrappers too. they're called kitchy digitals. so cool. edit my girl has just arrived!!

and now she needs a name. i was thinking Frankie but now im not so sure. any suggestions??

Sunday, 7 September 2008


sorry its taken a few days to do this but ive been at a wedding!! so without further ado, the winner of the fabby angie delarie stamps is.....


I love the way you layered the flower images, and the paisley is almost like a leaf. love it. email me your address and i'll send you the stamps! (address on my blog profile).

i loved the other entries and it was soooo hard to chose one. i feel so mean!