Wednesday, 31 October 2007

rolling stone

thank you leigh-ann for pointing me in this direction!! i also found it on anna's blog, so at least im not the only person looking at him! makes me feel slightly less dirty!

just watched pan's's very good, very shocking in parts and very it real or not??

Tuesday, 30 October 2007


my 'buds' layout (a few posts below) won the scrapping frenzy challenge :) well, there was only 1 other layout submitted but i still won!

i bought some high school musical stickers yesterday and got 3 of zac efron. now i know he's only 19 and its a huge bit wrong, but he's not a bad looking guy!

we also went to pizza hut last night as i really couldnt be faffed with cooking and cleaning up after.

here's marcus contemplating pizza!

and here's a LO i did for the scrap mojo blog. although i was born in the the beginning of to be truthful, i remember more of the 90s. i dont know why im pushing my sister in a wheel barrow. maybe im taking her to market to sell her??

Monday, 29 October 2007

kind of cupcakes

so i feel like i've been spending every day at work recently. this off duty, my shifts have all been really close, i.e 3 on, 2 off, 3 on etc. when you're working 12 hours plus driving time, it's really tiring. and yesterday, because of the clocks going back, i ended up doing an extra hour at that felt like a long day!
so because of all this time spent at work, i havent been able to play for what feels like ages! although im sure in reality it isnt.

saturday night we had a drama at home. as we live on a new development, parking is at a prime, especially as so few people use their garages. but we do. i was at work and marcus had been invited out by some people he hadnt seen for years, but when he went to leave, there was a car in our drive, blocking him in the garage. it took him 2 hours to find out who's car it was (who didnt seem remotely bothered) so he missed his night out. he didnt want to leave it for me to sort out as id been working all day and he wanted the drive clear for me (ahhhh). so he wasnt happy and i had visions of coming home to find him in a puddle of blood!

one small recommendation for everyone reading this...dont shut your knee in the car door. it really hurts!!

and this afternoon i attempted to make cupcakes. for some reason, mine never turn out right. these are today's. they dont come out of the cases properly


and is everyone on here at the same time?? this is ridiculously slow at the moment. i have just tried to u/l a pic and it tells me its done, but there's nothing there...lets try again..

ok so you cant see my poorly made cakes. never mind.

and on publishing i found that there were 2 photos. so this is edited to remove one of them. *rolls eyes*

Thursday, 25 October 2007

the countdown starts.

we have a day for Zeus going...November 4th. we'll both be really sad to see him go, but at the same time relieved. he's been such hard work.
my sister is already trying to persuade us to get a cat! in time maybe.

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

play time

so ive just done another couple of LOs, one of which is a double *gasp*! the style is very different to my norm but i felt the photos needed it. the flowery paper is actually wrapping paper from Paperchase!

LO no 2 is using the Scrapping Angels october kit.

so apart from paper play, i havent done much today...paid a credit card, told some lads off for throwing rubbish on the floor, met my sister for lunch.. and im currently eating Ben and Jerry's half baked. yum yum.

i emailed the guy who is supposed to be taking Zeus to find out what is going on. he said he could take him if we're willing to donate his vivarium too, so i replied 'that's more than possible' (mean yes, obviously) and he sent back 'is that yes or no?'. duh!

also, through the blog funky finds, i found this site called little travellers. basically its a charity which supports HIV/AIDS initiatives in africa, and they do it by the people in africa making these little beaded doll pins called 'little travellers' and other people 'adopt' (buy) them. they're really cute and its such a good idea.

edit: 25 new ones up for adoption on Leigh-Ann's blog, i have adopted Strawberry!

also, check out these stamp companys: cats life press, purple onion, pink.sugar.pop, asta arts.

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

what a QTea!

so ive just ordered one of these fabby little embellishment kits from QTea kits. its basically stuff you wouldnt expect to use for scrapping. but the best bit....cherries!! i lurve cherries!!

just saw Nicole for the first time in 2 years! she came over with her bf hugh and we had chai tea latte at starbucks and came back to mine to play fluxx, a really confusing card game. dont i sound old!! but it was fun. shame we couldnt spend more time together. oh well. doesnt the light in Borders make me look pale!

Monday, 22 October 2007

back to the land of the living..

..well, thats what it feels like anyway! i've just finished 3 nights and feel surprisingly awake! one of them was busy, with a child under neurosurgery which meant hourly neuro observations, tons of drugs to do and drains to empty. my other two were much more peaceful! i had a cardiac baby who was sedated and had hardly any medicines all night! lovely! so glad to have finished!

i had a phone call yesterday from my sister to tell my that my granddad, who has dementia, had burst a blood vessel in his prostate! meant he was weeing pure blood! yuk. surprisingly though, he didnt get taken to the hospital. an ambulance crew gave him something to close the blood vessel. marvels of medicine.

im seeing my friend nicole tomorrow! i used to go to air cadets with her and then 6th form, but since she moved to portsmouth for uni (and stayed there) i havent seen her for 2 years! but she's coming over to my house and we'll be doing what we do best..going to starbucks!

got my scrapping angels kit today, finally. its taken a whole week to make its little way here! its crate paper pp with a fabby owl stamp! cant wait to play.

and finally, after my little attempt at making buttons, i have myself a swap running on UKS. its my first swap so fingers crossed it's successful!

Thursday, 18 October 2007


ok so i finally got my gingerbread buttons..very well wrapped but a tiny package!! no wonder it took a while, they probably fell down a sofa somewhere!! (love em jodie!)
here's a photo for ref. the white envelope is my phone bill...

my boy Zeus seems to have hurt himself...when he gets cold, he tries to get as close to his heat lamp as possible, but ends up burning his crest. somehow he's managed to catch the burnt bit and rip it off! but is isnt totally off, it's sticking up in the air like a little spike. and he keeps catching it and getting caught in the roof of his viv *rolls eyes*

also just made myself some shrink plastic so chuffed with them! especially loving the cupcakes.

this Lo i did for the scrapping frenzy blog and you had to scrap your best mates.

Wednesday, 17 October 2007


gotta love that shop. and the fact that it's inside Borders is even better! i got 4 funky packs of stickers for £1 each yesterday.
now...will i use them...

and now dont laugh, but this is a young me!

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

catergory stories

as an add on to my earlier post, here are 2 LOs for the blog category stories. the 'guilty' one is a bit late but blame my shifts!!

post for me!

so finally a package for me had made it through the 60million parcel back up cause by the postal strike! yay! and now to play. (and yes, i love american crafts alphabets. love em. )

and i have just realised that this is the most dedicated to blogging i have been since i started.

finally here's a photo of Zeus. yup he's still with us. we are STILL waiting for the reptile guy to sort himself out taking him.

Monday, 15 October 2007


just read this on the BBC
However, the BBC understands that the 6.9% pay rise over 18 months will consist of a 5.4% pay rise between 1 October 2007 and 1 April 2008, followed by a 1.5% pay rise from 1 April 2008 to 1 April 2009. Workers will also receive a lump sum payment of £175."

yup that's right. good old royal mail and their pay deal. i say again, where's the deal for nurses?

now look at these cuties! a devon farm is breeding mini pigs which can be house trained as pets. all together now....awwwwwww

also, what is this about Simon Pegg in the new star trek film??? nooo! dont do it simon!! your kooky comedies show you are so much better! instead of star trek, film series 3 of Spaced!

Sunday, 14 October 2007

the good old days

dont you just love looking through old photos?? so many memories spring up, and they're usually pretty small things. yesterday i went to my dad's, after photos of our old cat, Ginny. she was a kitten when i was a baby and lived to be 16. she used to sit outside my bedroom window, miowing to come in at 6 in the morning!

also found in the photo pile was this classic of me and my sister. look at the fetching pattern clashing!

my mum is a bit down at the moment. she had to have her achilles tendon removed and a new tendon, muscle and blood supply grafted from her big toe. unfortunately she now had an infection in the toe site and is feeling down because she cant do anything on her own yet. she spends all day either on the sofa or in bed and is really bored and frustrated. *sigh* poor mummy.

continued with the Heroes dvd session last night, only 5 more episodes to go. *gasp* at mr linderman, *sigh* at claire's grandmother, *argh!* at sylar, suresh and peter!

i would also like to say a (very) belated congratulations to fellow cropper sandie for having a Lo accepted into the Basic Grey gallery.

Saturday, 13 October 2007

tank girl!

ok has anyone else seen this film?? tank girl is so cheesy but so amazing! i mean, a film with genetically engineered kangaroo soldiers?? Lori petty as tank girl manages to regularly change her hair style and colour, despite a drought. Malcom Mcdowell is a fab baddie and dubious rapper IceT plays a once cop now kangaroo! everyone has to see it! in fact, i like it so much i have a black and white hardback copy of the comic (very rare) in French!

also, rubbish bags were gone this morning and the postal strike appears to have been sorted. hallelujah! but why is it that the first letters i get through are bills and loan offer letters?? where are my gingerbread button??

Friday, 12 October 2007

2 rants and a rave

rant 1: postal strikes. postmen have had around 8% pay rise over 2 years. nurses meanwhile have to fight to get a measly 1.9% this year which is less than cost of livinge. postmen can strike when they want (and they do). They have been at work since weds and intend to strike again on mon.

i am waiting for my etsy buttons from Jodie. grrr

rant 2: our rubbish still hasn't been picked up and its 4pm. I live on a new estate and the trucks can't get in, so we have to leave our bags on the main road. Imagine 30 households worth of rubbish sitting outside since last night. tasty.

rave: I have been listening to cds I forgot i had, including this one from The Littlest Man Band which includes Scott and Dan from ReelBigFish.

in extra news: i think Zeus got fed up with the 3 locusts in his viv. when i left earlier he was cowering in a corner and when i got back, they had gone and all i could see was a yellow and black striped leg....

Thursday, 11 October 2007


  • Get up at 530 am, start work at 730 am.
  • maybe get breaks at around 10am and 3pm if not too busy
  • Leave work 8pm, get home 9pm.
  • Repeat three times in a week, remembering to go to bed at 10pm the night before work.
  • Ache all over, cant wait for lie in.


how im feeling right now. and i got asked to do an overtime shift.


see this from jodie
so amazing.


Monday, 8 October 2007

pencil lines 53

This is a LO i did today for pencil lines sketch 53, provided by ali edwards. i used daisy d's autumn papers and blooms and the photos are from our trip to 'big pit'. i love ali's style of scrapping and really got inspired by her book 'a designers eye to scrapping with patterned paper' .

my second LO is pretty self explanatory. i mounted the photo and made my own scalloped frame, and i also made my own shrink plastic buttons!! i'll definitely be trying both techniques again.

at lunchtime i tried to pay for my road tax for next year, but apparently im too eager and have to wait until the 15th! it irritated me more as i'd drawn cash out for once, and the woman in the post office seemed mighty peeved that id even considered buying it early! one bonus though, it's £30 less than i thought! yay to saving money!

Sunday, 7 October 2007

'Big Pit'

yesterday we went on a spur of the moment day out with marcus's family to wales! we went to 'big pit', an old coal mine near pontypool where you get to go underground. it was pretty cool! spur of the moment days are the best! (and i <3 the top photo, i think it looks really professional!!)

When we got home, we had dominos, a bottle of wine and season 1 of Heroes on dvd. perfect!!

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

clever me!

this is my first attempt at patchwork!!! not a bad effort me thinks. :-)

im also very happy because ive just seen Zeus eat a grape. yay!!!! small victories!!

and now if you want a chuckle, check this out **** (its not rude, i just want it to be a surprise!).

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

this is another LO i did yesterday using a prompt from inked scrapbookers, what your tattoos mean to you. i only did the one on my arm. its basically angel wings with a bible ref to guardian angels, as a reminder that im never on my own. its pretty comforting and i find i sometimes subconsciously stroking it!!
the LO is a bit of a mish mash of things although i love the pom poms on the side!

Monday, 1 October 2007

happy 1st october!!

and what a foul day it is too! i woke up at 9 and it was so dark i thought it was still the middle of the night!

ive been feeling pretty creative today and have so far done 2 LOs as follows :

This is basically my new found love of YoSushi! and is based on and Ali Edwards LO in the Creating Keepsakes 100th issue. i love how simple it is!

This is based on a prompt from the Mojo blog for the 21st sept (im a bit late!!) and also a prompt from the blog 'a true friend'. the idea was to scrap your pet and 5 words that describe them. i added a bit of paint'n'stamp bubble wrap having seen it used in Silje's fab LOs. im not sure it works on this one but i'll keep trying!!

Tomorrow im going for quilting lessons at a place i discovered today :) its hidden away in a business park and they seem really friendly, so we'll see how it goes!

on Saturday we booked our holiday for next year! yay! me and marcus are going back to Floriday for 2 weeks over my birthday! we're staying in the same hotel as last time, the clarion universal, as its right in the middle of international drive, perfect for walking most places.

We're still waiting to hear from the guy about taking Zeus. He's got a space but he's just waiting for a vivarium for him. its strange but now we've made the decision, Zeus seems to have perked up. he's eating and drinking a bit more and seems really active. oh well.

and this photo is for the scrapping frenzy 'architecture' photo prompt. its of the domed roof in the British Museum