Tuesday, 1 July 2008

someone was listening...

for a little while, me and marcus have been discussing emigrating, specifically to canada; we've never been there, but something about it appeals. we had the discussion again today, and when i went to the newsagents, the front page of the daily mail was about the first minister from Alberta coming here to 'poach' skilled workers. apparently, those of us lucky enough to have the desired skills would be fast tracked. was someone up there listening?? if anybody reading this lives in canada, has emigrated there or is in the process of, please let me know what you like and dislike about it so i can start thinking seriously.

i got my new phone today, but i cant get the back off to put the battery in *rolls eyes*

made this little guy using some fabric from a previous qtea kit.

the new prompt is up at guttergirlz. i know exactly what im going to do for this!

check out the kittyrobot store update. you'll find lots of new goodies including these..

anchor buttons..
and summer swirl.


Anam_Kihaku said...

hahahhahahaha you know totally what i am going to say to that!!! we love it here and it is an awesome place to live :)

but i can give you the low down on anythign you want to know - event he bad bits :)

Sarah aka Flo said...

hi Anam :)

do you think they want database marketers too?

I'd emigrate like a shot if I could persuade the teens to come with me.....

hi Stephanie - got your comment, couldn't find an email addy to get back to you. I'm in Stratton St Margaret, near the Greenbridge Retail Park.