Monday, 7 July 2008

flickr faves

1. Prise en flag, 2. Stacey, 3. Worms., 4. santa monica pier, 5. daddy's favorite puppy, 6. Scrapbooking Supplies, 7. new toy, 8. fun list, 9. Untitled, 10. patches, 11. 07042008, 12. Scrapjacked, 13. ATC présentation, DT Scrapadabra, 14. cloudies stamps, 15. Because I said so..., 16. "Stuff" mini cover

absolutely raining cats, dogs and small horses here. so much for summertime.

thought i would share a couple of pics of the lizards we're looking after...

and no im not shooting her! i was spraying them to water them and she came right up to the nozzle and was drinking out of it.

and here's a little bit of England for you..

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Michelle said...

Oooh..lovely flickr faves and cute lizards! =) And thanks for stopping by my lil ol blog for the monster giveaway! Happy day!