Friday, 25 July 2008

damn you jodie!

anyone who reads jodie's blog will know about her new found love for Blythe dolls. now ive been looking at pictures of them and fancy maybe getting myself one. the thing is, a few years ago when i was in london i saw Petit Blythes in blind box form and nearly got one but told myself i didnt need one. pah! look at me now! and more importantly, look at the prices! i like this lady, natasha moore.

on a completely unrelated note, my wii fit arrived today!

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I am... said...

haha!!! im sorry :)
you should get her.
im getting a sunday very best - ive paid some on her just need to pay the rest, and shes being sent i think itl be monday :D
then i have a list of more i want!! argh...

yay for the wiifit, show me pics.
and i need to get wifi, so we can play against each other, thats the next thing i buy :D


ps: i cant wait to see ur wedding dress :) i saw the site u linked and it all looked gorgeous!