Thursday, 24 July 2008

eye candy

nothing much to say at the moment.

  • my timmie is going to be collected from the post office today.

  • marcus is going to a classic car convention thing with his dad from today til sunday so i'm all alone in the house for the first time.

  • heres some eye candy

1. wtf happened to my hair, 2. abstract monday 5, 3. Jenni Bowlin tickets, 4. Hambly Camera Rub-ons, 5. At the Cosmo Cricket Booth, 6. KI Memories Sheers, 7. Sassafras, 8. Sassafras, 9. ATARI - My first petite., 10. LIFTED, 11. Fly Away Cover *July Sweet Spuds Kit*, 12. Composite.jpg, 13. thousands, 14. i love chicago, 15. Winery Mini Album, 16. port d'essaouira

found this site, the small object, which sells cute stamps and labels and also has downloadable freebies, such as these cute occassion gift tags.

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