Tuesday, 29 July 2008

scrap and rak.

*my biscuits from my previous post went down so well at marcus's work that more have been requested!! ive made another dough batch today but this lot will be for my work. he'll have to wait!

*going to see the Dark Knight tonight. cant wait!

*done a couple of LOs..and i just noticed i havent titled them. hmm...i dont think i need titles. a bit of minimalism.

the flower on the first one is handmade using some lace i got from a qtea kit. handmade!! what's coming over me! making biscuits and handmaking flowers. think i should sit down.

and now for some fun. whilst playing with my bits today, i realised i have tons of ribbon which i hardly ever use, so i figured id make up some RAKs with some other bits and pieces i dont use either. so here they are. they'll be first come first served. just leave a comment with which you'd like and once they're gone thats it!

number 1 is words. a selection of ribbons and 4 metal words from making memories: priceless, togetherness, always and cherish. Gone to Katy
number 2 is stars. an unopened bag of plastic gold star beads, a 2" (ish) chipboard star and ribbons. Still Available number 3 is flowers. burgandy and peach blooms measuring approx 1.5cm. dont forget the ribbons! Still available

and finally number 4 is tags. an unopened packet of chatterbox tags and, you've guessed it! ribbons! Gone to Danemi1


Katy said...

could i please have number 1?

Thanks Katy xoxox

catbauer said...

can I have number 3 please

danemi1 said...

wow - how kind 4 or 3 would be fantastic - deliriously happy with either - thank you so much for doing this



Rachel said...

I would love number 2 please.