Tuesday, 29 July 2008


wow all gone so quick! if you ladies can email you details to me (email addy is on my profile page) then i'll get them out ASAP!


Jodie said...

hey steph :)
its funny you say youve hurt ur arm playing wiifit, because ive totally pulled something in my left leg, and am walking like a idiot today lol.
my cats also have taken a liking to sleeping on it.

as for the blythes, i look on the blythe adoption group on flickr, and also, the place i adopted my petite and big one from is:



check it out!

or also i see some on ebay, i just wish i was rich to justify buying them also lol

danemi1 said...

thank you so much for the lush ribbons hun - they arrived this morning and are beautiful - huge hugs - thanks

elaine xxxx