Saturday, 2 February 2008

london baby!

went on a spur of the moment trip to london today with my 6 year old nephew, who was a star! we picked him up from swimming so he was already tired out, but he managed to stay awake til we were 10 minutes away, complaining he was bored! i nearly had a run in with an idiot in his car as he had decided that i needed to move to let an ambulance through, when me moving wouldnt have made any difference to said ambulance actually getting through.

the aim of the trip was the British Museum and it's mummy collection, but first we stopped at pizza hut! charlie was a star in the museum, asking lots of questions, really interested. he decided the areas we looked at and got tired about the same time as us! he was very impressed with his gift shop buys, a mini mummified cat figure and a pen with a floating mummy in. as well as his darth vader he'd bought earlier.

this book was used by the wives of samurai as a type of kimono 'catalogue' and this last picture is charlie against an advert for the terracotta warriors, currently on display at the museum (which we didnt get a chance to see this time).

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