Wednesday, 27 February 2008

good gig

yup it was a good 'un! we had to park the car half a mile away on a main road because parking in oxford is non existant! the first support act i really despise, called Sonic Boom Six. i really dont know how they're doing so well, they're awful. Streetlight manifesto played a 45 minute set, amazing as always. i was a little upset that they didnt play the 'point/counterpoint'-'keasby nights' mix which is brilliant. not many people were singing so i got the impression they were there because it was an over 14s gig.

reel big fish were amazing as always! i was singing to all the songs, dancing away and generally enjoying myself. now i cant wait to see them again!!
and here's a little something i spotted on the way back to the car...

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