Saturday, 16 February 2008

did you?

i hope you managed to get a Kittyrobot kit guys, cause they're sold out!

talking of kits, just seen this sneak for story of my life kits.

(photo courtesy of story kits)
how ace does it look! is that kawaii i see?

abc update

in a previous post i mentioned my 'abc of me' project, lifted from ALi Edwards' new book. i thought it about time i updated about its contents, which are already too big for the book rings. not all letters have something at the moment.
c: photo of my car and a starbucks coffee holder
e: menu card from a soup and pretzel bar i eat at, customs label for my order to every jot and tittle
j: jodie's address
m: photo of marcus, menu for a milkshake bar
p: photo of our fave pub
r: envelope from jodie's RAK mail
s: subway flyer
v: business card for Tom's vet

some pretty boring things but ive been slak in filling it!!

went out yesterday for a leaving lunch for someone at work and gave her the teddy i'd made...and walked out with requests to do custom orders and asked if i'd go along to a brownie pack and do a show session! so ive decided im giving up my job to make teddy bears! haha maybe not

just read this about polaroid stopping making instant films. dont do it! i havent bought mine yet!!

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