Tuesday, 26 February 2008

I <3 my polaroid

normally with something as expensive as polaroid film, i would be too scared to use it. but i have decided to just go with the flow, especially as the future of the films is still unknown. i intend to buy at least 2 films a month and just shoot them, trying out different development techniques (such as putting the picture in the freezer). seeing as i get paid at midnight, i think i might take my camera out for a walk where i live and see what happens with the remaining 6 photos.

Tonight i go to see Reel Big Fish and Streetlight Manifesto and i cant wait! this'll be the 8th time for RBF and 2nd for streetlight.

does anyone else suffer severe lack of creativity? i was supposed to go to a crop last night but just couldnt be bothered. i cant be bothered to get my paper out, my sewing machine out or even contemplate the knitting needles. my dress remains half finished in the wardrobe. hopefully something will happen to fix this!!

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