Sunday, 10 February 2008


i totally missed 100 yay im on 102!!!!!!

did a bit of scrapping yesterday, managed 3 layouts including this one using the qtea add on gnome kit, which was perfect for the photo!
last night when we went to bed, tom was actually in his basket! the first time he's used his cat bed. although he obviously felt he was missing something because at 5 i woke up with him sprawled on my feet. bless.

working 3 nights starting tonight, so my life will pretty much be on hold until i see daytims...speaking of daytime, its still gorgeous outside! chilly but beautiful. roll on summer!

just received these labels from every jot and tittle . love em

also check out new sassafrass lass lines here. oh my god i love the robots!!

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Jodie said...

oh totally agree the new sass lass is exciting and so fun i love the robots and deer as well!!
cant wait for the cha stuff to come out hey.

t he dress is stunning love those new buttons and your little kittie is just too precious!!!