Friday, 15 February 2008

its up

the kittyrobot kit reveal is up and looking good! check out those goodies!

6X12 Vintage wallpaper
15x30cm Japanese fabric
3 strawberry shortcake playing cards
3 docket book note papers
1 roll of double sided tape
1 packet of kawaii stickers
3 colored vintage pins
1 vintage book page from "little women" (pages vary, each has a picture and words as shown)
5 vintage plastic game pieces.

KITS ARE $10.00

Australian postage $1.00
Rest of the world $4.80

to get your kit email withe the title "kittyrobot kit"

loving the piggy fabric! congrats jodie and ayesha, its brill!

whilst browsing etsy i found this seller and her wonderful pendants. and reasonably priced too!

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