Thursday, 23 July 2009


did a little paper play yesterday. the top LO is my fave Starbucks and how i find it theraputic, but its also closing any time. the bottom LO is my welcome layout for Eleora. very much inspired by martha bonneau.
and thanks for the music suggestions! im definitely getting my stuff in there!


Vicki said...

gorgeous layouts - i love the one of eleora dorritt!! fab name. I ordered a petite blythe from mimiwoo the other day, she's going to be called Darby i think :D thanks for all your help with the blythes!!!

I am... said...

love the layouts, the 2nd one with ur girl is just gorgeous!!
hmm and ive never had starbucks in my life - kinda due to the fact that i hate coffee :)

oh and haha even though i like fob too i think they will always be support band material next to mest!
ahh mest!!!