Saturday, 4 July 2009

the cat and the nip

bought tom a mouse with a velcro tummy, where you hide catnip. this is the first toy he actually goes nuts for.

Damn you american crafts for your CHA sneaks.

and my minds eye.

and prima..


Anonymous said...

Looks like Tom really likes that mouse! Bless him.
What are your faves so far from AC? I love seeing all of the CHA previews, makes me so excited :)

I am... said...

hehe tom looks excited i love at the end where the back leg gets into it, its hilarious when they do that.
god he reminds me of how annie plays <3 i must try do a video.
your carpet is so clean and new, im jealous haha, mine is about 5thousand years old, and rental dirty ugly carpet lol.

ahhhh american crafts, rule, their new stuff is perfect, im not sure if im more excited about the one wiht deers or the boy one!!! see the little kitty badge?? man, makes me wanna scrap but damn i just cant make it work these days.