Monday, 13 July 2009

dull dull dull

sorry for the boring blog recently. not a lot to report really!!

wedding update:

the wedding dress is all fitted and finished. i cant breathe very well so im hoping my sister isnt as brutal at doing it up as the dress lady.
hymns and readings all decided on, just need to sort out printing the order of service.
almost everyone invited is coming, which is really nice.

other news

our local Borders is closing, which im pretty gutted about. not only because of the huge selection of books and magazines and the Paperchase concession, but also because it houses my local Starbucks. and its going Aug 9th. if any of you are local to me and use this store, sign the petition here.


i did a mini etsy update which includes a new white hat. i loved it so much i made my girls one to keep! check out my sidebar for a link. if you do purchase anything, id appreciate photos of the hats 'in action'.

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