Thursday, 5 June 2008

i return.

so as the title suggests, i came home today. very tired. exausted in fact, but refusing to go to sleep in order to get back that normal body clock. ha!

id like to share a few photos for those who are interested:

here's a couple shot, at universal studios..

this is the Dudley Doright Ripsaw ride. The. Best. Water Ride. amazing. you get soooo wet!!
for 12 hours, i was princess stephanie, and everyone said Happy Birthday to me, and i got given a carrot cake and a sprinkles and chocolate dipped marshmallow thing. for free. because of the magic badge.

marcus bought tshirts from the children's sections in the Vans shop and in Walmart (totally cool batman lego t).

me, fighting with a ginourmous candy apple, covered in caramel, chocolate and patriotic sprinkles. safe to say, i only managed half of it.

monster dragonfly. literally 3 inches long.

we also saw the shuttle Discovery take of 40 miles away in Cape Canaveral, ate far too many Subways and Dennys, bought our wedding rings for bargain prices, saw Iron Man and Indiana Jones at the cinema, tried Taco Bell, marcus shared a changing room with a cockroach which hissed at him, saw some amazing lightening storms....and tonnes more. i bought loads of clothes, loads of sweets for other people, some converse, scrapping stuff and DVDs and had a panic attack on a ride that wasnt even really scary and luckily had a doctor sat next to me stopping me from passing out!! phew.

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Jodie said...

im so glad you had heaps of fun!!!
i love that birthday badge, hehe.

love checkin out your pics here and on flickr too :)
glad your back!!