Tuesday, 20 May 2008

early birthday

because im obviously going to be in florida on my birthday, i was allowed a few presents a bit early. although i felt guilty as im a big believer in getting presents on the day and not before. so anyway, here's a little peek at what i got.

i got some pink paislee stamps, an underwater disposable camera (will use on water rides), a print of the evil queen from snow white and a gingerbread man charm from links of london. my dad also gave me some dollars.

speaking of dollars, this time tomorrow we'll be sat on a plane waiting to go! so im sat here waiting to be able to check in 24 hours before so we can get decent seats. last time we flew to the US we weren't even originally in the same row!

1 comment:

Jodie said...

hey gorgeous girl.
hope your having a fab time, and had a great birthdayyy!!!

cuuuute presents, and how cute are those charms, i went to their site for a looksee!!