Sunday, 29 June 2008

flickr faves

so here's a few of my flickr faves..notice the wedding theme at the bottom :)

1. My Pez® Collection, 2. Pez 5, 3. hurrah, 4. beer cap collection, 5. aloha., 6. hawaii : craft tools, 7. floreciendo, 8. Urban textural study #4, 9. on the beach, 10. I Covet Thee, 11. Lilac Blossoms - Aug. 18, 07, 12. Lovely Ladies!, 13. 0260, 14. entering the place with my dad and kristal, 15. Cake, 16. Sugar & Spice

speaking of wedding, today was supposed to be the day when i went to try on the dress i wanted for my wedding. unfortunately, the shop i chose was in the process of closing it's bridal section so all dresses were in the sale, which meant the one i liked had gone. there's still a chance that if i ring another store i'll find it, so thats my next route. i did try a few others on, one of which had a beautiful skirt with embroidered roses..i have tried to find a picture but as it was in the sale, im having no luck!

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mmwwaahh211 said...

boo, about the dress, that's a bummer, I hope you find something even better!

Thanks for your blog comment...I got the page protectors from Paperarts. Some Bazzill ones for six x four divided spaces (Lickety Slip refils) and some Crop in Style PSB ones - these are really meant to store sticker sheets in, but work great for random divided layouts instead!!!