Thursday, 26 June 2008


if you've ever watched 'my name is earl' then you will understand karma...well, you'd understand it if you had a basicgrasp of buddism too, but failing that, 'my name is earl'. i think i experienced good karma the other day. i got an itunes voucher for my birthday and bought 2 albums - arcade fire and portishead. when i went on itunes the next day, the money for the portishead album had been put back on, even though i was invoiced for it. that money is still there. nice huh.

received a supply of kittyrobot buttons today:

i got bright glassed, woodgrain and vintage inspired. cant wait to use them!

got marcus to do a mini photo shoot of me in my beautiful new dress..

on sunday im going with my mum and sister to bristol to look for a wedding dress :) ive seen one i realllllllly like so fingers crossed!

we do have one worry here though. its remortgage time, and being as house prices have fallen recently, there's a chance we're in negative equity. if this is the case, the amount we need for our mortgage would actually be more than the 90% the lender we have chosen is willing to lend us. so we're keeping our fingers crossed we get our chosen mortgage, otherwise we have to stick where we are which is £200 a month more than we currently pay and the rate is a tracker so could go up and up.

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