Friday, 18 January 2008

woot me!

im a qtea guest designer for october! yay me! im so chuffed! miss jodie got july so congrats to her too.

im gong over to my aunts in a bit for the Great Dressmaking Session, so hopefully later will have some cool piccies.

Tom is going to the vets monday to get his claws clipped, thank goodness!

and thats about it here! a bit boring so far, but then it is only 948am!

here's another LO i managed yesterday using bampop, my new tape, jodie's buttons and some trim from the latest QTea kit

1 comment:

Siany said...

Congrats! Im the April designer and I came across your name through QTea (obviously). Ive had a quick browse thru your blog and I love your work!
I'll be back!