Monday, 21 January 2008


the qtea sneaks are up, one for the feb kit

and one for the summer add on. i think i may have to get both!
(photos from qtea blog)

just taken Tom to the vets. claws are clipped, flea stuff bought and apparently he's overweight. oh dear. diet food it is!! but i was also told he DOES have some oriental in him, which in my books makes him one posh boy!

and now my sewing machine has broken...the motor is whirring but the needle isnt moving. great. in the middle of a pocket as well!!


Aline said...

The sneaks look great! Hope that your sewing machine is repaired soon.
Thanks for your nice comment on my blog. :))

Jodie said...

oh bummer, i hope you fix the machine soon!!! and half way thru a dress.

is it the bobbin part? take it out and give it all a good clean and see what happens, it might need oil or something.