Saturday, 5 January 2008

a sickness day

im supposed to be at work today but got home last night feeling dizzy, shaky, light headed and sick. decided it probably wouldnt be a good idea to do a 12 hour day today! still feel shaky though, i wonder what it is..

365 day 4

'normal day, let me be aware of the treasure you are' MaryJean Irion

my work day routine:

wake at 530am. wash, dress, eat and leave the house by 615
arrive at work at 715 to start at 730
work through til 8pm, having hopefully had 2 half hour breaks at some point.
home by 9pm, if the traffic allows
bed by 10pm.

365 day 5

'i am beautiful, no matter what they say' Christina Aguilera

how do you feel about the person you are??

i am happy with myself and know how lucky i am. i have a home, a family and a man who loves me for who i am. there are things i would change about myself but in the grand scheme they are unimportant.
i love my job, the experiences i get from it, the people i meet, but would love to take it elsewhere; abroad maybe.
i wish i was more spontaneous and adventurous. i want to see the world.


Jodie said...

thats so true, you gotta be happy with what you have.
oh you could totally work abroad, australia even!!! :D
thatd be cool.

anyway i tagged u on my blog check it outtt


Gnomes said...

Love the journaling - take it from me though I took the plunge 10yrs ago and ended up here in Kuwait - The grass isn't always greener but it it is fun to try it!!!

willowthewysp said...

Love your photo!!!