Tuesday, 1 January 2008


firstly, happy new year to everyone :) i hope you all had a good time. i have to say, mine wasnt the most exciting of New Years. it involved lots of playing on the Wii and trying to follow the fiasco that is my stepsister's relationship (she was working in a pub but said she'd only be a couple of house, this was 6pm. by1030 she still wasnt home and her boyfriend said if she wasnt back by 11 he'd be gone. 11 came and went...and so did he. ).

second, my sister's water dragon, Flower, wasnt fitting. turns out she swallowed some bark and as they cant digest it, she was trying to be sick to clear it. she didnt manage to get rid of it so she's booked in for an operation tomorrow. unfortunately there's a high chance she wont make it, as they're so small they cant afford to lose much blood. but its better to give her a chance.

as for Summer and her clutch of eggs, there's a big chance all of them could be fertile!! so in february, tasha and ben might be hearing the pitter patter of up to 80 little feet!

oh and tomorrow me and marcus are going to a pet rescue place to look for a cat :)

qtea kits are putting out a call for DT members!

ive decided to try and have a go at anna's 365 day challenge. lets see if i keep up!! the aim for today was to write a list of goals for the year. mine are:
1. try to be more girly
2. do something to further my career
3. make our house more homely
4. keep up with the scrapbooking!
5. do more 'me' things
6. try and have a 'couple' meal once a month
7. sort out our spare room!

not very amazing aims, but you've got to start somewhere!

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