Wednesday, 24 October 2007

play time

so ive just done another couple of LOs, one of which is a double *gasp*! the style is very different to my norm but i felt the photos needed it. the flowery paper is actually wrapping paper from Paperchase!

LO no 2 is using the Scrapping Angels october kit.

so apart from paper play, i havent done much today...paid a credit card, told some lads off for throwing rubbish on the floor, met my sister for lunch.. and im currently eating Ben and Jerry's half baked. yum yum.

i emailed the guy who is supposed to be taking Zeus to find out what is going on. he said he could take him if we're willing to donate his vivarium too, so i replied 'that's more than possible' (mean yes, obviously) and he sent back 'is that yes or no?'. duh!

also, through the blog funky finds, i found this site called little travellers. basically its a charity which supports HIV/AIDS initiatives in africa, and they do it by the people in africa making these little beaded doll pins called 'little travellers' and other people 'adopt' (buy) them. they're really cute and its such a good idea.

edit: 25 new ones up for adoption on Leigh-Ann's blog, i have adopted Strawberry!

also, check out these stamp companys: cats life press, purple onion, pink.sugar.pop, asta arts.

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Eminepala said...

Those are really cute girl