Thursday, 18 October 2007


ok so i finally got my gingerbread buttons..very well wrapped but a tiny package!! no wonder it took a while, they probably fell down a sofa somewhere!! (love em jodie!)
here's a photo for ref. the white envelope is my phone bill...

my boy Zeus seems to have hurt himself...when he gets cold, he tries to get as close to his heat lamp as possible, but ends up burning his crest. somehow he's managed to catch the burnt bit and rip it off! but is isnt totally off, it's sticking up in the air like a little spike. and he keeps catching it and getting caught in the roof of his viv *rolls eyes*

also just made myself some shrink plastic so chuffed with them! especially loving the cupcakes.

this Lo i did for the scrapping frenzy blog and you had to scrap your best mates.


Linda said...

Hope Zeus recovers from his latest injury. Love the shrink plastic buttons.

Jo said...

Love your LO Stephanie! Thanks for taking part in the SF Challenge! :)