Monday, 22 October 2007

back to the land of the living..

..well, thats what it feels like anyway! i've just finished 3 nights and feel surprisingly awake! one of them was busy, with a child under neurosurgery which meant hourly neuro observations, tons of drugs to do and drains to empty. my other two were much more peaceful! i had a cardiac baby who was sedated and had hardly any medicines all night! lovely! so glad to have finished!

i had a phone call yesterday from my sister to tell my that my granddad, who has dementia, had burst a blood vessel in his prostate! meant he was weeing pure blood! yuk. surprisingly though, he didnt get taken to the hospital. an ambulance crew gave him something to close the blood vessel. marvels of medicine.

im seeing my friend nicole tomorrow! i used to go to air cadets with her and then 6th form, but since she moved to portsmouth for uni (and stayed there) i havent seen her for 2 years! but she's coming over to my house and we'll be doing what we do best..going to starbucks!

got my scrapping angels kit today, finally. its taken a whole week to make its little way here! its crate paper pp with a fabby owl stamp! cant wait to play.

and finally, after my little attempt at making buttons, i have myself a swap running on UKS. its my first swap so fingers crossed it's successful!

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